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Hong Kong Film Award
Current: 39th Hong Kong Film Awards
Hong Kong Film Award.jpg
Awarded forAchievements in filmmaking
LocationHong Kong
Presented byHong Kong Film Awards Association Ltd
Reward(s)Hong Kong Film Award statuette
First awarded9 March 1982

The Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA; Chinese: 香港電影金像獎), founded in 1982, is an annual film awards ceremony in Hong Kong. The ceremonies are typically in April. The awards recognise achievement in various aspects of filmmaking, such as directing, screenwriting, acting and cinematography. The awards are the Hong Kong equivalent to the American Academy Awards.

The HKFA, incorporated into Hong Kong Film Awards Association Ltd. since December 1993, are currently managed by a board of directors, which consists of representatives from thirteen professional film bodies in Hong Kong. Voting on eligible films for the HKFA is conducted January through March every year and is open to all registered voters, which include local film workers as well as critics, and a selected group of adjudicators.

General rules[edit]

The Hong Kong Film Awards are open to all Hong Kong films which are longer than an hour and commercially released in Hong Kong within the previous calendar year. A film qualifies as a Hong Kong film if it satisfies two of the three criteria, namely: the film director is a Hong Kong resident, at least one film company is registered in Hong Kong, and at least six persons of the production crew are Hong Kong residents. Since 2002, the HKFA also feature a Best Asian Film category, which accepts non-Hong Kong films which are commercially released in Hong Kong.

In January each year, a first round of election, open to all registered voters and a selected group of 100 professional adjudicators, is held to determine the five nominees for each award category. In the rare case where there is a tie between two nominees within the top five slots, six nominees will be allowed. Nominations are usually announced in February, after which a second round of election is held to determine the winner. Voting in the second round is open to a group of 50 professional adjudicators, Executive Committee members of the HKFA, as well as members of the thirteen professional film bodies. Each voting group holds a percentage of the ultimate score for each nominee, and each film body holds a higher share in the categories associated with it.

Board of directors[edit]

The Board of Directors consists of representatives from thirteen professional film bodies in Hong Kong, listed below.


The Hong Kong Film Awards currently feature 19 regular categories, listed below.


Year Best Film Original title Director Country
1982 Father and Son Foo ji ching Allen Fong  Hong Kong
1983 Boat People Tau ban no hoi Ann Hui  Hong Kong
1984 Ah Ying Boon bin yen Allen Fong  Hong Kong
1985 Homecoming Si shui liu nian Ho Yim  Hong Kong /  China
1986 Police Story Ging chat goo si Jackie Chan  Hong Kong
1987 A Better Tomorrow Ying hung boon sik John Woo  Hong Kong
1988 An Autumn's Tale Chou tin dik tong wah Mabel Cheung  Hong Kong
1989 Rouge Yin ji kau Stanley Kwan  Hong Kong
1990 Beyond the Sunset Fei yue huang hun Jacob Cheung  Hong Kong
1991 Days of Being Wild Ah Fei zing zyun Wong Kar Wai  Hong Kong
1992 To Be Number One Bo Hao Poon Man Kit  Hong Kong
1993 Cageman Long min Jacob Cheung  Hong Kong
1994 C'est la vie, mon chéri San bat liu ching Tung-Shing Yee  Hong Kong
1995 Chungking Express Chung Hing sam lam Kar Wai Wong  Hong Kong
1996 Summer Snow Nu ren si shi Ann Hui  Hong Kong
1997 Comrades: Almost a Love Story Tian mi mi Peter Chan  Hong Kong
1998 Made in Hong Kong Heung Gong jai jo Fruit Chan  Hong Kong
1999 Beast Cops Ye shou xing jing Gordon Chan & Dante Lam  Hong Kong
2000 Ordinary Heroes Qian yan wan yu Ann Hui  Hong Kong /  China
2001 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Wo hu cang long Ang Lee  Taiwan /  Hong Kong /
 China /  United States
2002 Shaolin Soccer Siu lam juk kau Stephen Chow  Hong Kong /  China
2003 Infernal Affairs Mou gaan dou Wai-keung Lau & Alan Mak  Hong Kong
2004 Running on Karma Daai zek lou Johnnie To & Ka-Fai Wai  Hong Kong
2005 Kung Fu Hustle Kung fu Stephen Chow  Hong Kong /  China
2006 Election Hak se wui Johnnie To  Hong Kong
2007 After This Our Exile Fu zi Patrick Tam  Hong Kong
2008 The Warlords Tau ming chong Peter Chan & Raymond Yip  Hong Kong /  China
2009 Ip Man Yip Man Wilson Yip  Hong Kong
2010 Bodyguards and Assassins Shi yue wei cheng Teddy Chan  China /  Hong Kong
2011 Gallants Da lui toi Clement Cheng & Derek Kwok  Hong Kong
2012 A Simple Life Tao jie Ann Hui  Hong Kong
2013 Cold War Hon zin Lok Man Leung & Kim-ching Luk  Hong Kong
2014 The Grandmaster Yi dai zong shi Wong Kar-wai  Hong Kong /  China
2015 The Golden Era Huang jin shi dai Ann Hui  Hong Kong /  China
2016 Ten Years Sap Nin Ng Ka-leung, Jevons Au, Chow Kwun-Wai, Fei-Pang Wong, Kwok Zune  Hong Kong
2017 Trivisa[1] Chu Tai Chiu Fung Frank Hui, Jevons Au, Vicky Wong  Hong Kong
2018 Our Time Will Come Ming yue ji shi you Ann Hui  Hong Kong /  China
2019 Project Gutenberg Mo seung Felix Chong  Hong Kong /  China
2020 Better Days Shao nian de ni Derek Tsang  Hong Kong /  China





Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures[edit]

To celebrate a century of Chinese cinema, the Hong Kong Film Awards unveiled a list of Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures (which in fact includes 103 films) during the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony on 27 March 2005.[3] The list, selected by a panel of 101 filmmakers, critics and scholars, includes 24 films from Mainland China (11 from pre-1949 and 13 from post-1949), 61 from Hong Kong, 16 from Taiwan, and 2 co-productions.[4]

Rank Title Year Region Language Director(s)
1 Spring in a Small Town 1948 China Mandarin Fei Mu
2 A Better Tomorrow 1986 Hong Kong Cantonese John Woo
3 Days of Being Wild 1990 Hong Kong Cantonese (+) Wong Kar-wai
4 Yellow Earth 1984 China Mandarin Chen Kaige
5 City of Sadness 1989 Taiwan Taiwanese (+) Hou Hsiao-hsien
6 Long Arm of the Law 1984 Hong Kong Cantonese Johnny Mak
7 Dragon Gate Inn 1967 Taiwan Mandarin King Hu
8 Boat People 1982 Hong Kong Cantonese (+) Ann Hui
9 A Touch of Zen 1971 Taiwan Mandarin King Hu
10 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/USA Mandarin Ang Lee
11 Street Angel 1937 China Mandarin Yuan Muzhi
12 A Brighter Summer Day 1991 Taiwan Mandarin (+) Edward Yang
13 The Private Eyes 1976 Hong Kong Cantonese Michael Hui
14 The Mission 1999 Hong Kong Cantonese Johnnie To
15 One-Armed Swordsman 1967 Hong Kong Mandarin Chang Cheh
16 Fist of Fury 1972 Hong Kong Mandarin / English Lo Wei
17 In the Heat of the Sun 1994 China Mandarin Jiang Wen
18 In the Face of Demolition 1953 Hong Kong Cantonese Lee Tit
19 A Chinese Odyssey 1995 Hong Kong Cantonese / Mandarin Jeffery Lau
20 The Arch 1970 Hong Kong Mandarin Tang Shu Shuen
21 Rouge 1987 Hong Kong Cantonese Stanley Kwan
22 Chungking Express 1994 Hong Kong Cantonese (+) Wong Kar-wai
23 Homecoming 1984 Hong Kong Cantonese / Mandarin Yim Ho
24 The Time to Live and the Time to Die 1985 Taiwan Mandarin / Taiwanese Hou Hsiao-hsien
25 Red Sorghum 1987 China Mandarin Zhang Yimou
26 Father and Son 1981 Hong Kong Cantonese Allen Fong
27 The Spring River Flows East 1947 China Mandarin Cai Chusheng, Zheng Junli
28 Comrades: Almost a Love Story 1996 Hong Kong Cantonese Peter Chan
29 The Goddess 1934 China (Silent) Wu Yonggang
30 The Big Road 1934 China (Silent) Sun Yu
31 The Secret 1979 Hong Kong Cantonese Ann Hui
32 Infernal Affairs 2002 Hong Kong Cantonese Andrew Lau, Alan Mak
33 Drunken Master 1978 Hong Kong Cantonese Yuen Woo-Ping
34 The Butterfly Murders 1979 Hong Kong Cantonese Tsui Hark
35 Ashes of Time 1994 Hong Kong Cantonese Wong Kar-wai
36 Made in Hong Kong 1997 Hong Kong Cantonese Fruit Chan
37 Sorrows of the Forbidden City 1948 China Mandarin Zhu Shilin
38 The Love Eterne 1963 Hong Kong Cantonese / Mandarin Li Han-Hsiang
39 Story of a Discharged Prisoner 1967 Hong Kong Cantonese Patrick Lung Kong
40 Zu Warriors 1983 Hong Kong Cantonese Tsui Hark
41 Terrorizers 1986 Taiwan Mandarin / Taiwanese Edward Yang
42 The Killer 1989 Hong Kong Cantonese John Woo
43 Once Upon a Time in China 1991 Hong Kong Cantonese / English Tsui Hark
44 Center Stage 1992 Hong Kong Mandarin (+) Stanley Kwan
45 The Story of Qiu Ju 1992 China Mandarin Zhang Yimou
46 This Life of Mine 1950 China Mandarin Shi Hui
47 Kingdom and the Beauty 1959 Hong Kong Mandarin Li Han Hsiang
48 The Winter 1969 Taiwan Mandarin Li Han Hsiang
49 An Autumn's Tale 1987 Hong Kong Cantonese (+) Mabel Cheung
50 A Chinese Ghost Story 1987 Hong Kong Cantonese Ching Siu-Tung
51 The Purple Hairpin 1959 Hong Kong Cantonese Lee Tit
52 The Orphan 1960 Hong Kong Cantonese Lee Sun-Fung
53 Two Stage Sisters 1965 China Mandarin Xie Jin
54 City on Fire 1987 Hong Kong Cantonese / Mandarin Ringo Lam
55 Farewell My Concubine 1993 Hong Kong/China Mandarin Chen Kaige
56 Yi Yi 2000 Taiwan Mandarin / Taiwanese Edward Yang
57 Cold Nights 1955 Hong Kong Cantonese Lee Sun-fung
58 At Dawn 1967 Taiwan Sung Tsun-Shou
59 Raining in the Mountain 1979 Taiwan Mandarin King Hu
60 Police Story 1985 Hong Kong Cantonese Jackie Chan
61 C'est la vie, mon chéri 1993 Hong Kong Cantonese Derek Yee
62 The Wedding Banquet 1993 Taiwan Mandarin / English Ang Lee
63 Platform 2000 China Mandarin Jia Zhangke
64 The Wild, Wild Rose 1960 Hong Kong Mandarin Wang Tian-Lin
65 The Great Devotion 1960 Hong Kong Cantonese Chor Yuen
66 My Intimate Partner 1960 Hong Kong Cantonese Kim Chun
67 Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind 1980 Hong Kong Cantonese Tsui Hark
68 Ah Ying / Ban Bian Ren 1983 Hong Kong Cantonese / Mandarin / English Allen Fong
69 Durian Durian 2000 Hong Kong Cantonese / Mandarin Fruit Chan
70 Little Toys 1933 China (Silent) Sun Yu
71 Ai le zhongnian 1949 China Mandarin Sang Hu
72 The House of 72 Tenants 1973 Hong Kong Cantonese Chor Yuen
73 Nomad 1982 Hong Kong Cantonese Patrick Tam
74 Dust in the Wind 1986 Taiwan Hou Hsiao-hsien
75 92 Legendary La Rose Noire 1992 Hong Kong Cantonese Jeffrey Lau
76 Shaolin Soccer 2001 Hong Kong Cantonese Stephen Chow
77 Song at Midnight 1937 China Mandarin Ma-Xu Weibang
78 China Behind 1974 Hong Kong Tang Shu Shuen
79 The Spooky Bunch 1980 Hong Kong Cantonese Ann Hui
80 Taipei Story 1985 Taiwan Mandarin Edward Yang
81 The Blue Kite 1993 China Mandarin Tian Zhuangzhuang
82 Long Live the Missus! 1948 China Mandarin Sang Hu
83 Mambo Girl 1957 Hong Kong Mandarin Yi Wen
84 Feast of a Rich Family 1959 Hong Kong Cantonese Lee Sun-Fung, Lee Tit, Ng Wui, Lo Ji-Hung
85 Execution in Autumn 1972 Taiwan Mandarin Lee Hsing
86 Hibiscus Town 1986 China Mandarin Xie Jin
87 God of Gamblers 1989 Hong Kong Cantonese Wong Jing
88 As Tears Go By 1988 Hong Kong Cantonese / Mandarin Wong Kar-wai
89 Happy Together 1997 Hong Kong Mandarin / Cantonese / Spanish Wong Kar-wai
90 In the Mood for Love 2000 Hong Kong Cantonese / Shanghainese Wong Kar-wai
91 Myriad of Lights 1948 China Mandarin Shen Fu
92 Festival Moon 1953 Hong Kong Mandarin Zhu Shilin
93 Parents' Hearts 1955 Hong Kong Cantonese Kim Chun
94 Lin Zexu 1959 China Mandarin Zheng Junli, Cen Fan
95 Dream of the Red Chamber 1962 China Mandarin Cen Fan
96 Digital Master 1983 Hong Kong Cantonese Kirk Wong
97 Shanghai Blues 1984 Hong Kong Cantonese Tsui Hark
98 The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter 1984 Hong Kong Cantonese Lau Kar-Leung
99 The Black Cannon Incident 1985 China Mandarin Huang Jianxin
100 Rebels of the Neon God 1992 Taiwan Mandarin / Taiwanese Tsai Ming-liang
101 The Puppetmaster 1993 Taiwan Mandarin / Taiwanese / Japanese Hou Hsiao-hsien
102 Summer Snow 1995 Hong Kong Cantonese Ann Hui
103 Not One Less 1998 China Mandarin Zhang Yimou


Year Ceremony Presenter/s
1982 1 Eric Ng and Zhan Xiaoping
1983 2 Eric Tsang and Josephine Siao
1984 3 Chung King-fai
1985 4 Winnie Yu
1986 5 Winnie Yu
1987 6 Carol Cheng and Chung King-fai
1988 7 Lydia Shum and Paul Chung
1989 8 Lydia Shum, Eric Tsang and Philip Chan
1990 9 Philip Chan and John Sham
1991 10 Anita Mui and Philip Chan
1992 11 Philip Chan and Lawrence Cheng
1993 12 Lydia Shum and John Sham
1994 13 Lydia Shum and John Sham
1995 14 John Sham and Meg Lam
1996 15 Sandra Ng, Dayo Wong and Veronica Yip
1997 16 Lydia Shum and Nancy Sit
1998 17 Carol Cheng and Cheung Tat Ming
1999 18 Carol Cheng, Cheung Tat Ming, Vincent Kok, Chin Ka Lok and Jerry Lamb
2000 19 Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng and Vincent Kok
2001 20 Carol Cheng, Eric Tsang, Gigi Leung and Eric Ng
2002 21 Eric Tsang, Cecilia Yip, Cheung Tat Ming and Jacqueline Pang
2003 22 Eric Tsang, John Sham, Athena Chu and Anna Yau Hoi Man
2004 23 Dayo, Candice Yu, Athena Chu, Josie Ho, Bowie Tsang, Cherrie Ying and Ada Choi
2005 24 Carol Cheng and Lawrence Cheng
2006 25 Eric Tsang, Teresa Mo and Chapman To
2007 26 Nick Cheung, Bowie Tsang and Lam Chi-chung
2008 27 Carol Cheng, Sandra Ng and Sammi Cheng
2009 28 Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng, Teresa Mo, Vincent Kok, Kay Tse, Denise Ho, Chin Ka Lok, Fan Siu Wong, Wong Cho Lam, Lam Chi Chung, Tin Kai-man and Michelle Loo
2010 29 Lawrence Cheng
2011 30 Lawrence Cheng, Teresa Mo and Vincent Kok
2012 31 Eric Tsang, Gordon Lam, Bowie Tsang, Ronald Cheng and Angelababy
2013 32 Eric Tsang, Gordon Lam, Ronald Cheng and Jerry Lamb
2014 33 Teresa Mo, Gordon Lam and Ronald Cheng
2015 34 Jordan Chan, Gordon Lam and Miriam Yeung
2016 35 Lau Ching Wan
2017 36 Ronald Cheng
2018 37 Charlene Choi and Louis Cheung
2019 38 Stephy Tang and Alex Fong Lik Sun
2020 39 Derek Yee

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