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The Hong Kong Gazette Vol. I No. 1 1 May 1841.

Hong Kong Government Gazette is the official publication of the Government of Hong Kong and publishes laws, ordinances and other regulations. It is managed under the Government Logistics Department (GLD). The Director of the GLD reports to the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (and then to the Financial Secretary).

The Government Gazette began on 24 September 1853 by the then British Crown colony and continues today as the publication of the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and renamed as the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette.

Old records are kept by libraries around the world and the government of Hong Kong. Online records of the Gazette date back to 2000.

The Hong Kong Gazette was a newspaper published by the Friends of China in 1842, but ceased operations in 1859. The paper was at one point the official mouthpiece of the Government.[1]


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