Hong Kong Institute of Planners

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Hong Kong
Institute of Planners
Hong Kong Institute of Planners logo.png
Abbreviation HKIP
Formation 1978
Legal status Professional association
Headquarters North Point
Town planners
Official language
Cantonese, English
Raymond K.W. Lee
Website hkip.org.hk

The Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP, Chinese: 香港規劃師學會) is a professional body for town planners in Hong Kong. It officially began operation in 1978. It became a statutory body in 1991 when the Legislative Council enacted the Hong Kong Institute of Planners Incorporation Ordinance.[1][2]


The institute is involved in accreditation of urban planning professionals, advisory on urban issues, and education in the field. It is also a medium for networking between urban planning professionals in Hong Kong. Membership is an accepted qualification for work in the Hong Kong government as well as the private sector.

The institute is one of the constituent institutes of the Architectural, Surveying and Planning functional constituency for the Legislative Council elections.

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