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Marine Police redirects here. See Marine Police Force for the predecessor of Metropolitan Police Marine Policing Unit.

Marine Region
HK Police Department Ship No80.jpg
Police Launch 80.
Active 1846-Now
Country  Hong Kong
Branch Hong Kong Police Force
Type Coast guard
Water police
Role Sea and islands policing, anti-smuggling and illegal immigration
Size 2,424 officers
Part of Operations Wing
Colours Dark blue
Assistant Commissioner Patrick Hodson
HK Marine Police Flag.svg[1] [2]

The Marine Region is a branch of the Hong Kong Police Force, more widely known as the Marine Police. The marine police patrol 1,651 km2 (637 sq mi) of waters within the territory of Hong Kong, including 263 islands. The Marine Region with about 3,000 officers, and a fleet of 142 in total, made up of 70 launches and 72 craft is the largest of any civil police force.[1][2][3]


The Marine Region involves about 3,000 officers policing some 13,000 local craft and a total maritime population of 14,100. In addition to normal marine policing functions, the marine police are also responsible for countering illegal immigration and smuggling at sea.[4]

To undertake this work, the Marine Region additionally mount shore patrol to police the smaller islands and isolated communities with no land transport to other parts of the territory, and participate in the Hong Kong Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre, which is responsible for co-ordinating maritime rescue operations both within and outside Hong Kong waters. The region's headquarters are located at Sai Wan Ho.[4]

Since 2007, the Marine Region has developed a new, two-part operational strategy called Versatile Maritime Policing Response (VMPR) which has come into operation in phases, providing an improved police service at reduced cost with an enhanced Command and Control System and faster craft offering a more flexible policing response.


The Marine Region comprises a Regional Headquarters and two sea Districts. The entire region is commanded by a Regional Commander with the rank of Assistant Commissioner, who is assisted by a Chief Superintendent. Each of the three bureaux is commanded by a Senior Superintendent; divisions and units are commanded by Superintendents, who are assisted by Chief Inspectors.[5]

The Region comprises:

  • Operations Bureau is responsible for all operational matters at Regional level, including:
    • Operations Division
      • Regional Crime Units investigating crimes and syndicated illegal immigration by sea;
      • RCCC;
      • Logistics Unit;
      • Regional Motor Transport Office;
      • Regional Armoury;
    • Small Boat Division.
    • Crime Marine
  • Administration Bureau is responsible for general administration; personnel and establishment matters.
  • Support Bureau is responsible for:
    • management of the launch acquisition programmes;
    • training and assessment of Marine police personnel in navigation, seamanship, engineering, and safety; and
    • selection and acquisition of specialist equipment.
    • core property strategy in Marine Region


Former Marine Police station after renovation
Sai Wan Ho Marine Police Regional Headquarters.

The Marine Region had its headquarters at the Former Marine Police Headquarters Compound in Tsim Sha Tsui till 1996, when they were relocated to Sai Wan Ho. The old headquarters have now become a heritage tourism facility known as 1881 Heritage.



Marine craft




  • Smith & Wesson Model 10- Standard issue sidearm for Marine Region (except Small Boat Division), 6 shot .38 revolver.
  • Glock 17- Standard issue pistol for Small Boat Division, loaded with 17 round of 9mm Parabellum magazines
  • Federal Model 201-Z Riot Gun – Standard issue anti-riot gun, loaded with less-than-lethal CS rounds.
  • Heckler & Koch MP5- Standard issue SMG, loaded with 30 round of 9mm Parabellum magazines


The Hong Kong 'Water Police' had a role from the earliest days of British Hong Kong. The first actual vessel was acquired in 1846 - a sailing 'gun-boat' with a crew of 17, which was used for anti-piracy work. The vessel and its entire crew were lost in a typhoon two years later. By then the unit consisted of approximately 40 men and three boats. Each Constable in a six-man crew was armed with a pistol and a cutlass.[9]

After [World War II], as part of a major reshaping of the police force, the service was renamed 'Marine Police'.[9]

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