Hong Kong Second Division League

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Hong Kong Second Division League
CountryHong Kong
Number of teams14
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toHong Kong First Division
Relegation toHong Kong Third Division
Domestic cup(s)HKFA Cup Junior Division
Current championsHappy Valley (3rd title)
Most championshipsHong Kong Football Club (13)
2018–19 Hong Kong Second Division League

Hong Kong Second Division League (Chinese: ) is the third level of football league in Hong Kong, founded in 1909. The top two teams are promoted to the Hong Kong First Division.

Competition format[edit]

  • Each team plays the other teams twice, one home and one away game. The ticket profits go to the home team. If there are two matches in the same stadium on the day, the profits are shared between the two home teams.
  • Since most of the teams do not have a home ground, the matches will be playing on different grounds. It happens that one team plays their home games in different stadiums in the same season.
  • The bottom two teams are relegated to the Hong Kong Third Division.

Past winners[edit]

Before World War II[edit]

Season Champions 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
1909–10 88th Co., R.G.A.
1910–11 88th Co., R.G.A.
1911–12 83rd Co., R.G.A.
1912–13 88th Co., R.G.A.
1913–14 88th Co., R.G.A.
1914–15 St. Joseph's F.C.
1915–16 88th Co., R.G.A.
1916–17 4th K.O.S.L.I.
1917–18 South China
1918–19 St. Joseph's F.C. Staff and Departments[1]
1919–20 Royal Navy Force
1920–21 St. Joseph's F.C.
1921–22 HMS Titania
1922–23 King's Own Regiment
1923–24 HMS Titania
1924–25 Club de Recreio
1925–26 South China
1926–27 K.O.S.B.
1927–28 K.O.S.B. St. Joseph's
1928–29 Royal Navy Force
1929–30 Chinese AA
1930–31 South Welsh Borderers
1931–32 South Welsh Borderers
1932–33 Chinese AA
1933–34 South China
1934–35 Lincolnshire Regiment
1935–36 Royal Navy Force Eastern Lancashire Regiment Royal Welch Fusiliers
1936–37 Royal Navy Force
1937–38 Middlesex Regiment
1939–40 South China
1940–41 Royal Engineers

After World War II[edit]

Season Champions 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
1946–47 Sing Tao
1947–48 Eastern Sing Tao
1948–49 Chinese AA K.M.B.
1949–50 News Vendors Kitchee Army
1950–51 Kitchee K.M.B. South China
1951–52 South China Kitchee Chinese AA
1952–53 South China Chinese AA Gymnastic
1953–54 K.M.B. South China Taikoo Chinese
1954–55 K.M.B. Chinese AA Little Sai Wan
1955–56 K.M.B. Kitchee Jardines
1956–57 Jardines Little Sai Wan Tung Wah
1957–58 Little Sai Wan Navy Caroline Hill
1958–59 Happy Valley C.M.B.
1959–60 Caroline Hill Little Sai Wan Aux. Fire Services
1960–61 Five-One-Seven Yuen Long
1961–62 Tung Sing
1962–63 Caroline Hill
1963–64 Tung Sing Sing Tao
1964–65 Rangers Jardine
1965–66 Army
1966–67 Telecom Fire Services
1967–68 Jardines Caroline Hill
1968–69 Fire Services
1969–70 Happy Valley
1970–71 Tsuen Wan Caroline Hill
1971–72 Seiko
1972–73 Hong Kong Football Club Kwong Wah
1973–74 Jardine
1974–75 Police
1975–76 Kowloon Motor Bus
1976–77 Hong Kong Football Club Blake Garden
1977–78 Police Kui Tan
1978–79 Hong Kong Football Club
1979–80 Police Tsuen Wan
1980–81 Po Chai Pills
1981–82 Ryoden
1982–83 Police Zindabad
1983–84 Police Tsuen Wan
1984–85 HK Electric Club
1985–86 Hong Kong Football Club
1986–87 Sing Tao
1987–88 Hong Kong Football Club
1988–89 Po Chai Pills Hong Kong Football Club
1989–90 Martini May Ching
1990–91 Police Wong Tai Sin
1991–92 Kitchee
1992–93 Hong Kong Football Club
1993–94 Frankwell
1994–95 Hong Kong Football Club Mansion
1995–96 Tung Po Kui Tan
1996–97 Yee Hope Hong Kong Football Club
1997–98 Hong Kong Football Club
1998–99 Hong Kong Football Club Fire Services
1999–2000 Tung Po Hong Kong Football Club Fukien
2000–01 Hong Kong Football Club Fukien Fire Services
2001–02 Fukien Tung Po Mutual
2002–03 Kitchee Fire Services Mutual
2003–04 Citizen Hong Kong 08 Mutual
2004–05 Hong Kong Football Club Mutual Lucky Mile
2005–06 Hong Kong Football Club Tai Po Tung Po
2006–07 Tung Po Shek Kip Mei Fukien
2007–08 Mutual Hong Kong Football Club Fukien
2008–09 Shatin Advance Tai Chung Hong Kong Football Club
2009–10 Hong Kong Football Club Tuen Mun Double Flower
2010–11 Sham Shui Po Pontic Double Flower
2011–12 Rangers Southern Hong Kong Football Club
2012–13 Yuen Long Happy Valley Eastern
2013–14 Tai Po Wong Tai Sin Hong Kong Football Club

As a 3rd Tier League[edit]

Season Champions 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
2014–15 Wing Yee Sparta Rotterdam Mutual Kowloon City
2015–16 Tung Sing Eastern District Sparta Rotterdam Mutual
2016–17 Sparta Rotterdam Mutual Hoi King Central & Western
2017–18 Happy Valley Central & Western Tuen Mun

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