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Aerial view of part of SkyCity

Hong Kong SkyCity (Chinese: 香港航天城) is a large business and entertainment complex adjacent to the Hong Kong International Airport, and is built on land owned by the Airport Authority Hong Kong.[1] It currently includes the AsiaWorld-Expo, Terminal 2 (SkyPlaza) and SkyPier.[2]



AsiaWorld-Expo [1] is the largest column free, and perhaps largest, exhibition centre in Hong Kong, boasting over 70,000 cubic meters of space. It plays host to numerous trade shows, meetings, and concerts (at the adjacent AsiaWorld-Arena). It is directly connected to the Airport Express.


This complex allows passengers from Mainland China and Macau to access Hong Kong International Airport by jetfoil or ferry. It is connected via automated people mover that transport passengers to the Airport for connecting flights and vice versa. Architecture firm Aedas designed SkyPier[3]

Golf course[edit]

The SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course is a nine holes golfing facility. It has seven Par 3 holes and two Par 4 holes set amidst rolling terrain, undulating greens and extensive bunkering.[4]

Under Development[edit]


SkyPlaza is a large entertainment and retail centre that would be housed in Terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International Airport. The check-in facilities of Terminal 2 opened on February 28, 2007 along with the opening of Platform 3 of the Airport Express Airport station[5]

Airport World Trade Centre[edit]

It would include the Airport World Trade Centre, which would house numerous offices.

Hong Kong Skycity Marriott Hotel[edit]

This five-star luxury hotel connects to AsiaWorld Expo, the SkyPier & Nine eagle golf course. 13,885 sq ft (1,290.0 m2) of total meeting space can accommodate up to 650 guests. The 658-room hotel was opened in December 2008.[6] The hotel was the first hotel in Hong Kong to receive the halal food certification.[7] Architecture firm Aedas designed Hong Kong Skycity Marriott Hotel[8]


From Airport area[edit]

Shuttle buses are the current options of getting around SkyCity without driving a car.

Airport Express, part of the MTR's Airport Express Line, takes only a minute to travel between AsiaWorld-Expo and the Airport. It costs HK$2.5 for Octopus users and HK$5 for others.

Automated People Mover is the current People mover in use at the airport and only operates within the terminal. After completion of SkyCity, the Hong Kong International Airport Automated People Mover will be extended to include Terminal 2 (SkyPlaza) and SkyPier.

From other areas of Hong Kong[edit]

Because SkyCity is located at Chek Lap Kok, the island Hong Kong International Airport is on, it is easy to reach from other areas of the territory.

The Airport Express can be taken from Kowloon, Hong Kong, and Tsing Yi stations. In addition, the Tung Chung Line can be taken from Tung Chung to the same stations (plus others) via buses to Tung Chung at a cheaper price than the Airport Express.

The buses that serve the Airport are also options, including the A.21 from Hung Hom in Kowloon, which travels to both the Airport and the AsiaWorld-Expo.

The common taxis that service Kowloon, Hong Kong, and Lantau are the easiest but also perhaps the most expensive way to get to SkyCity.

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