List of Hong Kong films of 1954

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A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1954:.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The 10 Year Search For The Missing Husband
Autumn Chun Kim
Autumn Romance Goo Man Chung
The Beauty and the Dumb Tong Wong
Better You Better Half Hoh Keung
Beyond The Grave Doe Ching
Big Thunderstorm Ng Wui
Blood-Stained Flowers Bu Wancang Lo Wei (and many others)
The Boxer Of Nanhai Leung Fung, Wu Pang
Brother In Bloodshed Wu Pang
A Cuckoo's Spirit Chun Kim
The Dream Encounter Between Emperor Wu Of Han And Lady Wei Lee Tit
Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Far Away Chu Kei Cheung Ying, Pak Yin, Mui Yee, Siu Yin-Fei
Father And Son Ng Wui
A Girl In Transformation Doe Ching
Girl On The Loose Wang Yin
Grief Stricken For Me
Happily Ever After
Heartbreak Petals
Her Difficult Life
Her Fickle Heart Ng Wui
The Hills Divide Us Ng Wui
Homeward Bound Wu Pang
A Houseful Of Treasures
Huang Feihong Tries His Shadowless Kick Wu Pang
It Blossoms Again Bu Wancang, Ng Ging Ping
It's Fun Getting Together
Lady From The Moon Chiang Nan, Goo Sam Lam, Li Han Hsiang
Lady Ping Chu Kei, Ng Wui
Lady Red Leaf
Little Couple Wang Yin
Love In Malaya Tsi Law Lin
Love Killed At Midnight Ng Wui
The Lover With A Heart Of Steel Wu Pang
Love's Sad Ending
Loving Father, Faithful Son Cho Kei
Madam Yun Ng Wui
The Maidservant's Sad Tale
The Mortal Wind Tu Guangqi
Mother Ng Wui
Motherly Love
Neighbours All
The Noble Family Ng Wui
Orchid Of The Valley Kwan Man Ching
The Sword Our Match-Maker Goo Man Chung
Pavilion In The Spring Dawn Yueh Feng
Poor But Happy Wu Pang
Pretty Girl From Kuala Lumpur Lee Tit
Return Lee Dut
Returning The Pearl Chiu Shu San
Romance Of Fuji Mountain Mok Hong See
Rose I Love You Tu Guangqi
Rouge Tears Wu Pang
Shadow In Her Heart Doe Ching
Spring Is In The Air
Story Of Huang Feihong And Lin Shirong Wu Pang
The Story Of Yan Ruishing Ling Yun
Strayed Beauty Chiu Shu San
Success Follows Sorrow Chan Pei, Che Hung
The Supernatural Go-Between
Sweet Seventeen Chun Kim
Tales of the City Li Pingqian
Taps Off, Downstairs!
Tears Of A Young Concubine Lee Dut
The Third Life Doe Ching
This Wonderful Life
Three Cheers For Daddy Wu Pang
Tragedy Of Divorce
The Tragedy Of The Double Marriage
Two Sisters On Phoenix Bower Ling Yun
An Unforgettable Song Wong Hang
We'll Meet Again Ng Wui
What Price Beauty ? Cheung Sin Kwan, Evan Yang

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