List of Hong Kong films of 1956

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A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1956:.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The 3 Best Scholars Ling Yun
The 7 Heavens Writer: Cho Yuan Patrick Tse Yin
An Actress In War Cheung Ying
Apartment For Women
Lui Ji Gung Yue
Wong Wik Cheung Chang, Shi Hui, Betty Loh Ti, Jue Lee Comedy
Autumn Affair Yan Jun
Beauty In The Maelstrom Wang Yin
Beauty In The Mist Wong Hang
Beauty Raised From The Dead Lee Sun Fung
Beyond The Blue Horizon Li Han Hsiang
Black Cat, The Cat Burglar Wong Hang
Blind Love Evan Yang
Bloodshed In The Chu Palace Wong Hok Sing
A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death Chan Pei
Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Chang E's Flight To The Moon Wong Hok Sing
The Chase Yan Jun
The Clumsy Hero Wong Toi
Colorful Tokyo Chow See Luk
A Corpse At Sea Cho Kei
A Country Bumpking Looks For His Son Wong Hok Sing
Country Girl Looks For Her Husband Suen Wai
A Dark Wench Evan Yang
Dial 999 For Murder
Emperor Qianlong's Adventures In The Bower Of A Million Flowers Ling Yun
The Error Doe Ching
Fang Shiyu Comes To Hong Xiguan's Rescue
The Fatherless Son
Fatty Marries Skinny Cheung Wai Gwong
Feather Fan Under Spring Lantern Chow See Luk
Fire Cho Kei
Fisherman's Delight
The Flame of Love Evan Yang
The Foolish Heart Chan Jing Boh, Law Gwan Hung, Zhu Shilin
The Fresh Peony Bai Guang, Law Chun
Fruit Of Marriage Doe Ching
Funny Girl
General "Soaring Tiger" Lee Ying Yuen
General Kwan Seduced By Diaochan Under Moonlight
The Ghost Hero Ling Yun
Girl in Disguise Chan Woon Man
A Girl Named Hong Kong Mok Hong See
Gloomy Sunday Evan Yang
Golden Phoenix Yan Jun
The Grand Reunion Chow See Luk
Great Chums Fung Fung
Green Hills And Jade Valleys Yueh Feng
The Green Jade Hairpin Chan Pei
Happy Hall
Heartbreak Weather Choi Cheong
Her Envious Beauty
The Heroine Of Deadly Darts
Homeward Flies The Swallow
Hong Xiguan And Third Madam Of Yongchun
How Fangtangjing Made A Fool Of the Unruly Girl Cheung Wai Gwong
How Huang Feihong Conquered The Two Tigers Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Fought 5 Dragons Single-Handed Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Pitted 7 Lions Against The Dragon Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Pitted A Lion Against the Unicorn Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Saved The Dragon's Mother's Temple Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Saved The Lovelorn Monk From The Ancient Monastery Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Set Fire To Dashatou Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Thrice Captured Su Shulian In the Water Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Thrice Tricked The Girl Bodyguard Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Vanquished The 12 Tigers Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Vanquished The Bully At The Red Opera Float Wu Pang
How Huang Feihong Vanquished The Terrible Hound At Shamian Wu Pang
How Liang Hongyu's War Drum Caused The Jin Army To Retreat Wong Hok Sing
How Mu Guiying Captured And Released Yang Zongbao 3 Times Ling Yun
How Xue Dingshan Thrice Angered Fan Lihua Cheung Wai Gwong
How Zhou Yu Was Thrice Defeated By Kong Ming Wong Hok Sing
Huang Feihong And The Courtesan's Boat Argument Wu Pang
Huang Feihong And The Lantern Festival Disturbance
Huang Feihong At A Boxing Match
Huang Feihong Attends The Joss-Stick Festival At Heavenly Goddess' Temple Wu Pang
Huang Feihong Goes To A Birthday Party At Guanshan Wu Pang
Huang Feihong Rescues The Fishmonger Wu Pang
Huang Feihong Wins the Dragon Boat Race Wu Pang
Huang Feihong's 7 Battles With The Fiery Unicorn Wu Pang
Huang Feihong's Battle At Mountain Goddess Of Mercy Wu Pang, Ling Yun
Huang Feihong's Battle At Shuangmendi Wu Pang
Huang Feihong's Fight In Foshan Wu Pang
Huang Feihong's Story : Iron Cock Against Centipede Wu Pang
Huang Feihong's Victory At Xiaobeijiang Wu Pang
A Hymn To Mother Chu Kei
I'm In Love With An Unfaithful Man Chan Chung Gin
The Ingenious Seduction Bu Wancang, Lee Ying
Iron-Palm Versus Eagle-Claw Wu Pang
The King And The Beauty Lee Tit
The Kunlun Girl Steals The Red Scarf By Night
Lei Zhensheng's Many Adventures Chan Gwok Wa
Life And Death Together
Life and Love of a Horse-Craft Driver Tong Shiu Wa
The Life Of Zuo Song Yeung Kung Leung
Little Sweetheart Fung Fung
A Lonely Heart Doe Ching
The Long Lane Bu Wancang
Love And Hate Lee Tit
Love Is Like A Running Brook
Lovers' Eternal Union
Love's Elegy Tu Guangqi
Madam Mei Wong Hang
Madam White Snake Toyoda Shirou
Madame Butterfly Evan Yang
A Married Woman's Secret Doe Ching
Matching The Beauty And The Handsome Ng Wui
Meeting A Fairy While Slaying The Dragon Fung Fung
Merry-Go-Round Yueh Feng
Miss Kikuko Yan Jun
My Lover, The Ghost Tu Guangqi
The Wise Guys Who Fool Around Cheung Wai Kwong Bruce Lee, Wu Fung Comedy

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