List of Hong Kong films of 1974

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A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1974:.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
A Champ Called Killer-Kicker Man-Hung Mo Yun Wen Chang Action IMDB
The Adventurous Air-Steward Ho Fan Lap Ban Chan Comedy IMDB
All In Dim Cold Night Feng Pang Ping-Yu Chan Drama IMDB
The Angry Fist Tieh Han Kuan-Hsiung Wang Action IMDB
Badge 369 Zhu Mu Yat Fan Lau Comedy IMDB
Bamboo Brotherhood Kuan Jen Yu Chiu Chen Drama IMDB
The Big Raid Ou Wei Feng Chang Drama IMDB
The Big Risk Joseph Kong Hung Like Cheung Action IMDB
The Big Showdown Wong Tin Lam Charles Heung Action, Drama IMDB
The Black Dragon Tony Liu, Jun Guk
Blood Reincarnation Sin-Sai Din Nan Chiang Horror IMDB
Blood Revenge Li Su Phillip Ko Action IMDB
Bloody Ring Teddy Yip Wing Cho Helen Ma Action IMDB
Brand Yeeong-cheol Choi Hong-ji Kim Action IMDB
Brave Lion Fei-chien Wu Barry Chan Action, War IMDB
Brother Two Lung Chien Feng Chi Action IMDB
Bruce Takes Dragon Town Hung Sheng Liu Lung Chan, Ping Chou Action IMDB
Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Challenge Of The Dragon Ngai Hoi Fung
Chase Step By Step
The Cheeky Little Angels Sun Chung
Chinatown Capers Lo Wei
Chinese Boxing Lee Tso Nam
Chinese Godfather Chien Lai Wai-Man Chan Action IMDB
Chinese Iron Man Joseph Kuo
Chinese Kung Fu Artis Chow A Chi
Chinese Kung Fu Against Godfather Lee Tso Nam
Chinese Tiger Teddy Yip
The Choice Of Love
Code Name Panther
Coffee, Wing, Lemonade
The Colorful Ripples
Come Rain Or Come Shine Richard Chen
The Concrete Jungle Law Chun
The Country Bumpkin In Style Richard Yeung Kuen
Crazy Acrobat Yeung Jing Chan
The Crazy Bumpkins John Law Ma, Zhang Yang
The Crazy Instructor Law Kei
Crazy Nuts Of Kung Fu Lee Tso Nam
The Crazy TV Fans Wu Fung
Dae Ha Drama
Deadly Fists Kung Fu Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
Desperate Crisis Yeung Sai Hing
Dragon Blows Shut Dik, Wong Tin Lam
The Drug Addicts David Chiang
The Dumb Ox Wu Ma
The Dwarf Sorcerer Chui Hon Cheung
Dynamite Brothers Al Adamson
The Early Spring Cheung Mei Gwan
Empress Dowager's Agate Vase Hau Chiu Sing
Everyday Is Sunday Stanley Siu Wing
The Evil Karate
The Evil Snake Girl Chui Chik Lim
Excelsior Mo Man Hung
Farewell Dearest Patrick Tse Yin
File Of Heroes Lau Daan Ching
First Come; First Love
Fists For Revenge Cheung Mei Gwan
Five Shaolin Masters Chang Cheh David Chiang Action IMDB
Five Tough Guys Pao Hsueh Lieh
The Fool and His Money Dung Ming Saan
Four Real Friends Jimmy Wang Yu
Friends Chang Cheh
From The Underworld Hua Shan
Fun, Hong Kong Style Ng Wui
The Furious Monk From Shaolin Hau Chang
Games Gamblers Play Michael Hui Michael Hui, Samuel Hui, Ricky Hui
Ghost Eyes Kuei Chih Hung
Ghost In The Mirror Sung Chuen Sau
The Ghost Lovers San Seung Yuk
The Gigolo Steve Chan Ho
Girl Friend Pai Ching Jui
Golden Lotus Li Han Hsiang
Gone With The Cloud Lau Ga Cheong
Gossip Street Wong Fung
Green Green Meadow The Heinous Fiend
Hero Of Kwantung Joseph Kuo Nam Hung
Heroes Two Chang Cheh
Hiroshima 28 Patrick Lung Kong
Hong Kong 73 Chu Yuan
The Hot Pursuit Cheung Suk Sang
House Of Love
Inside The Football Circle
Iron Ox, The Tigers Killer Gam Sing-Yan Wang Kuan Hsiung, Chi Laan, Wong Fei-Lung, Ko Jan-Pang, Ko Gam-Dai, Tsang Chiu, Chang Chi-Ping, Chow Ming-Ching, Ma Cheung, Yau Pang-Sang Martial arts
The Iron Profligates Chan Lit Ban, Mo Man Hung
Jet-do Karate
Kidnap Ching Gong
The Killer Snakes Kuei Chih Hung
Korean Connection
Korean Connection 2
Kung Fu on the Bosporus
Lady Blood Boxer
Land Of The Brave Stanley Siu Wing
Left Foot Of Wrath Lee Doo-yong
Left Hand Of Death
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Roy Ward-Baker Peter Cushing Action, Horror IMDB
Little Godfather From Hong Kong Ng See Yuen
The Little Man Ah Fook Cheung Sam
Long Way From Home James Yi Lui
The Looks Of Hong Kong Stanley Fung Shui Fan
Lovable Mr Able
Love In Cubicle Patrick Tse Yin
Love, Love, Love Lau Ga Cheong
Love Needs No Sorrow Cheung Mei Gwan
Lucky, Lucky Paul Chang Chung
The Prodigal Boxer Chai Yang-Min Fei Meng Action IMDB
The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss Huang Feng Angela Mao, George Lazenby, Sammo Hung Martial arts
Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women Brescia, AlfonsoAlfonso Brescia Aldo Canti, Marc Hannibal, Hua Yueh Comedy Italian-Hong Kong co-production[1][2]



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