List of Hong Kong films of 1984

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A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1984:.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Aces Go Places 3 Tsui Hark Samuel Hui, Karl Maka
An Amorous Woman Of Tang Dynasty Eddie Fong
And Now What's Your Name Ling Ching
Banana Cop Albert Lai George Lam, Teddy Robin, Cherie Chung Crime / Comedy
Behind the Yellow Line Taylor Wong Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui, Anthony Chan Romance
Beloved Daddy Kent Cheng Jak Si
The Big Sting Tony Lo Bryan Leung, Tony Liu, Angile Leung Action / Comedy
The Breakthrough Chan Kwong Chung
Bruce Lee
Bruce's Fist of Vengeance Bill James
Butcher' Chester Wong
Cannonball Run II Hal Needham Jackie Chan, Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise
Cherie Patrick Tam Cherie Chung, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Chor Yuen Comedy
Double Trouble Eric Tsang Eric Tsang, John Shum, Sylvia Chang, Siu Ban Ban Comedy / Drama
Drunken Tai Chi Yuen Woo-ping Donnie Yen, Yuen Cheung-yan, Lydia Shum Martial arts / Action / Comedy
The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter Lau Kar-leung Alexander Fu, Gordon Liu, Lau Kar-leung, Wang Lung Wei, Kara Hui, Lily Li Martial arts
Everlasting Love Michael Mak Andy Lau, Irene Wan, Loletta Lee, Ng Man-tat Romance
A Family Affair Dean Shek Dean Shek, Samuel Hui, Jenny Tseng, Olivia Cheng, Melvin Wong Comedy / Drama
The Ghost Informer Lau Hung-chuen Tony Leung Ka-fai, Joyce Ngai, Bennett Pang
Happy Ghost Clifton Ko Raymond Wong, Bonnie Law, Loletta Lee, Sandy Lamb Comedy
Hong Kong 1941 Po-Chih Leung Chow Yun-fat, Alex Man, Cecilia Yip, Ku Feng, Shih Kien, Paul Chun Action
I Love Lolanto Wong Jing Natalis Chan, Pat Ha, Wong Jing, Cher Yeung Comedy
Kids From Shaolin Chang Hsin-yen Jet Li Martial arts
Love in a Fallen City Ann Hui Cora Miao, Chow Yun-fat Romance
Legend of All Men Are Brothers Tien Peng Bryan Leung, Tien Peng Martial arts
Merry Christmas Clifton Ko Karl Maka, Paula Tsui, Danny Chan, Loletta Lee, Leslie Cheung, Cyrus Wong, Yuen Woo-ping Comedy
New Tales of the Flying Fox Lau Sze-yuk Felix Wong, Alex Man, Bryan Leung, Kara Hui Wuxia
The Occupant Ronny Yu Chow Yun-fat, Sally Yeh, Raymond Wong Horror / Comedy
Opium and the Kung-Fu Master Tang Chia Ti Lung Martial arts / Action
The Other Side of Gentleman Ringo Lam Alan Tam, Brigitte Lin Romantic comedy
The Owl vs Bombo Sammo Hung Sammo Hung, George Lam, Deanie Ip, Michelle Yeoh Comedy
Pom Pom Joe Cheung Richard Ng, John Shum, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, James Tien
Prince Charming Wong Jing Kenny Bee, Natalis Chan, Cherie Chung, Maggie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan, Alex Man Romantic comedy
Profile in Anger Bryan Leung Bryan Leung, Michael Chan, Damian Lau, Pat Ha Action / Crime
Secret Service of the Imperial Court Tony Lo Bryan Leung, Nancy Hu, Tony Liu, Ku Feng Martial arts / Action / Wuxia
My Sentimental Little Friend Annette Sham Eric Tsang, Lam Leung-wai, Ray Lui, Meg Lam, Bill Tung Drama
Shanghai 13 Chang Cheh Andy Lau, Jimmy Wang Yu, Ti Lung, Chiang Sheng, Chen Kuann-tai, Danny Lee, David Chiang, Bryan Leung Martial arts / Action
Shanghai Blues Tsui Hark Kenny Bee, Sylvia Chang, Sally Yeh Romantic comedy
Wheels on Meals Sammo Hung Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Lola Forner, Benny Urquidez Action / Martial arts

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