Hong Kong national baseball team

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Hong Kong national baseball team
Country  Hong Kong
Federation Hong Kong Baseball Association
Confederation Baseball Federation of Asia

The Hong Kong national baseball team is the representative team for Hong Kong in international baseball competition. The team finished 6th in the 2007 Asian Baseball Championship.

Current Roster[edit]

Roster for the 2012 East Asian Cup:[1]

David Wong Tai Wai
Au Hok Leung (Head Coach), Ng Yuk Ming, Chan Tsz Yeung,
Player No. Pos.
Lau, Yu HongYu Hong Lau 1 C
Leung, Ho NamHo Nam Leung 56 C
Leung, Ho YinHo Yin Leung 10 IF
Leung, Sam Ka HoSam Ka Ho Leung 38 P
Leung, Yu ChungYu Chung Leung 16 P
Li, Wing SingWing Sing Li 28 P
Lo, Andy Ho LamAndy Ho Lam Lo 77 IF
Nau, Ching NamChing Nam Nau 7 IF
Ng, Yau PangYau Pang Ng 66 OF
Tsang, Kin ChungKin Chung Tsang 57 C
Wu, Tze TungTze Tung Wu 52 IF
Yan, Tsz HimTsz Him Yan 19 IF
Yeung, Kun HinKun Hin Yeung 24 P
Yip, Hing LongHing Long Yip 23 OF
Ting, Chu PokChu Pok Ting P
Au, Wing LeungWing Leung Au 12 Captain/IF
Chau, Duncan Chun ShingDuncan Chun Shing Chau 15 P
Chau, Gordon Chun MingGordon Chun Ming Chau 9 P
Chiu, Enroy Yan NokEnroy Yan Nok Chiu 6 OF


The team, consisting of young Chinese men, courted some controversy in the Hong Kong media, when they were shown naked on camera in a Hong Kong film, City Without Baseball, with their private parts fully exposed in several scenes. One of the team's main players, Ron Heung Tze-Chun, who was also the main character in the film, has gone on to become a Hong Kong film actor.


Hong Kong Baseball uses two fields for practice and games:


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