Hong Kong one-mil coin

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One mil
Hong Kong
Value 0.001 HKD
Mass 0.98 g
Diameter 15 mm
Thickness 0.80 mm
Edge plain
Composition Bronze
Years of minting 1863 –1866
Catalog number -
Design Hong Kong and one mil
Designer ?
Design date 1862?
Design Chinese characters for Hong Kong and denomination
Designer ?
Design date 1862?

The one mil coin was the smallest denomination of the Hong Kong dollar from 1863 to 1866, after this date it was no longer issued but may have circulated much longer. Its value was one tenth of a cent, or a thousandth of a dollar. Despite being minted under British rule, they did not feature the reigning monarch as all other coins did, due to the hole in the middle.

The obverse had denomination and country name in the English language. It featured the British crown and the initials 'VR' for Victoria Regina (Latin for Queen Victoria). While coins of the pound sterling have the royal title written in Latin, this is the only use of Latin on British Hong Kong coins. Royal titles were written in English on its other coins.

The reverse had the denomination and country name written in the Chinese language.



  • 1863 = 19,000,000
  • 1864 = Unknown
  • 1865-66 = The total for both years was 40,000,000.


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