Hong Kong people in the United Kingdom

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Hong Kong people in the UK
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Total population
Hong Kong-born residents
96,445 (2001 Census)
78,000 (2009 ONS estimate)
Regions with significant populations
London, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Liverpool, Glasgow
English (Hong Kong English, British English), Hong Kong Cantonese
Buddhism, Taoism, Anglicanism, Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
British Chinese, Britons in Hong Kong

Hong Kong people in the United Kingdom are people from Hong Kong who are residing in the United Kingdom, or British citizens of Hong Kong origin. Britons of Chinese ancestry from Hong Kong, currently a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, are usually[weasel words] considered a subgroup of British Chinese.[citation needed]


The United Kingdom has historically been a popular destination for Hong Kong immigrants due to the colonial relationship between the two countries.[citation needed] The UK's popularity among immigrants was also helped by the fact that the English language enjoys official status in both countries.[citation needed] While many Hong Kong-born residents of the UK are ethnically Chinese, others include the children of colonial parentage (British and/or other European heritage, and people with ancestries from other parts of the former British colonial empire) born in Hong Kong prior to the transfer of sovereignty to China in 1997.[1]


The 2001 Census recorded 96,445 Hong Kong-born people residing in the United Kingdom.[2] Office for National Statistics estimates suggest that the Hong Kong-born resident population was 78,000 in 2009.[3] These figures would have excluded people who were born elsewhere, yet raised in and emigrated to the UK from HK, and descendants of Hongkongers born within the UK.

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