1922 Hong Kong sanitary board election

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1922 Hong Kong sanitary board election
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← 1920 28 September 1922 1923 →
Nominee F. M. G. Ozorio
Popular vote uncontested

Member before election

F. M. G. Ozorio

Elected Member

F. M. G. Ozorio

The 1922 Sanitary Board Election was supposed to be held on 28 September 1919 for one of the 2 unofficial seats in the Sanitary Board of Hong Kong.

Only ratepayers who were included in the Special and Common Jury Lists of the years or ratepayers who are exempted from serving on Juries on account of their professional avocations, unofficial members of the Executive or Legislative Council, or categories of profession were entitled to vote at the election.

Dr. F. M. G. Ozorio sought for third term without being uncontested.[1]


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