Hong Kong ten-dollar note

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Ten Dollars
(Hong Kong)
Value 10 Hong Kong dollars
Width 134 mm
Height 66 mm
Security features Window, Watermark, Intaglio printing, Registration device, Concealed denomination, Security thread, Fluorescent Fibers, Iridescent image
Paper type Cotton and Polymer
Years of printing 2002-03, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2014
Hong Kong govt 10 dollar.jpg
Design date 2001

The ten-dollar note was first produced in 1868 by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation with the formal adoption of a currency system just for Hong Kong. There had been a variety of the green coloured ten-dollar notes issued by several banks concurrently. These were all phased out with the introduction of the ten dollar coin in 1994.

Due to the high demand for the banknote, it was reissued under a new colour and design in 2002 by the Hong Kong Government. It was the first that the Government had issued any banknotes after the denomination of one-cent note in 1995 and the ten-dollar note remains the only circulating denomination that is issued by the Government rather than by authorised note-issuing banks.

The reissued notes are primarily purple in colour. It is worth noting that the ten-dollar notes states "Legal Tender in Hong Kong" whereas all other notes on Hong Kong, issued by banks, states "Promises to pay the bearer on demand at its Office here ... By order of the Board of Directors".

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