Hongkou District

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The View of The North Bund, Hongkou, Shanghai
The View of The North Bund, Hongkou, Shanghai
Hongkou in Shanghai
Hongkou in Shanghai
CountryPeople's Republic of China
 • Total23.48 km2 (9.07 sq mi)
 • Total1,312,700
 • Density56,000/km2 (140,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Hongkou District
Simplified Chinese虹口区
Traditional Chinese虹口區

Hongkou , formerly spelled Hongkew, is a district of Shanghai, forming part of the northern urban core. It has a land area of 23.48 km2 (9.07 sq mi) and a population of 852,476 as of 2010.

It is the location of the Astor House Hotel, Broadway Mansions, Lu Xun Park, and Hongkou Football Stadium. It was once known as Shanghai's "Little Tokyo"

Hongkou is home to the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), and the 1933 Old Millfun.


During the Tang dynasty, the area in modern Hongkou District may have been a beach included in a seawall (捍海塘) near the East China Sea. In the early Ming dynasty, it became known as 黃埔口 (Huangpukou) or 洪口 (Hongkou), as there is a river mouth debouched into the Huangpu River, in the early Qing dynasty, it was renamed as 虹口 (Hongkou).[1]

In 1845, an American bishop W. J. Boone bought an area of land there, and it later evolved into the American Concession in Shanghai in 1848 and merged into the International Concession in 1863, it was in large part reduced to rubble during the Second World war when Shanghai was occupied by the Japanese.[2] 20,000 Ashkenazi Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe lived in an overcrowded square-mile section known to as the Shanghai Ghetto, in the Tilanqiao neighborhood of Hongkew.[3]

In 1947, it was renamed as Hongkou District.


Hongkou is responsible for the administration of the following subdistricts.

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Shanghainese Romanization Population (2010)[4] Area (km2)
Ouyang Road Subdistrict 欧阳路街道 Ōuyánglù Jiēdào oe yan lu ka do 73,328 1.67
Quyang Road Subdistrict 曲阳路街道 Qūyánglù Jiēdào chioq yan lu ka do 102,564 3.05
Guangzhong Road Subdistrict 广中路街道 Guǎngzhōnglù Jiēdào kuaon tzon lu ka do 122,669 2.89
Jiaxing Road Subdistrict 嘉兴路街道 Jiāxìnglù Jiēdào cia ka xin lu ka do 125,634 2.63
Liangcheng Xincun Subdistrict 凉城新村街道 Liángchéng Xīncūn Jiēdào lian zen sin tsen ka do 98,094 3.14
Sichuan North Road Subdistrict 四川北路街道 Sìchuānběilù Jiēdào sy tseu poq lu ka do 87,401 2.33
Tilanqiao Subdistrict 提篮桥街道 Tílán qiáo Jiēdào tiq leh djio ka do 113,751 2.36
Jiangwanzhen Subdistrict 江湾镇街道 Jiāngwānzhèn Jiēdào kaon ue tzen ka do 129,035 4.17


A look at the Bao Steel Building in Hongkou

Previously Lianhua Supermarket had its Shanghai office in the district.[5]


International schools[edit]

Russian Consulate School in Shanghai is a Russian overseas primary school operated by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located on the grounds of the Consulate-General of Russia in Shanghai in Hongkou District.[6]



Hongkou is currently served by five metro lines operated by Shanghai Metro:


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