Hongluo Temple

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Hongluo Temple
Entrance to the Hongluo Temple
Basic information
Geographic coordinates40°22′32″N 116°37′13″E / 40.37556°N 116.62028°E / 40.37556; 116.62028Coordinates: 40°22′32″N 116°37′13″E / 40.37556°N 116.62028°E / 40.37556; 116.62028

The Hongluo Temple (Chinese: 红螺寺; pinyin: Hongluo Si) is one of the largest and most extensive Buddhist temples located in northern Beijing.[1] It was first established during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD);[1] however, it was rebuilt many times later, notably during the Ming Dynasty.[2] The temple is located at the southern foot of the Hongluo Mountain, and covers an area of 7 hectares (17 acres).[1] Its name, Hongluo Temple is also translated as Red Shells Temple.[1]