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Honigman & Sons Ltd.
Industry Fashion
Founded 1947
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Area served
Products clothing, fashion accessories
Number of employees
Website Honigman (in Hebrew)
Honigman Kids (in Hebrew)
Virus (in Hebrew)
Honigman Kids shop

Honigman (Hebrew: הוניגמן‎) is an Israeli fashion company specializing in ladies fashion clothing. For children, a separate store Honigman Kids (Hebrew: הוניגמן קידס‎) exits alongside their sub-brand Virus, sold inside the Honigman Kids stores.[1] Honigman is also the parent company to the teen fashion clothing brand, TNT.[1]

Established in 1947, Honigman is one of Israel's largest clothing companies with its three brands, Honigman, Honigman Kids, and TNT, being sold in 150 stores across the country.[1]


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