Honor Among Lovers

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Honor Among Lovers
Directed by Dorothy Arzner
Written by Austin Parker (also story)
Gertrude Purcell
Starring Claudette Colbert
Fredric March
Monroe Owsley
Charles Ruggles
Ginger Rogers
Music by Vernon Duke
Johnny Green
Cinematography George J. Folsey
Edited by Helene Turner
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
March 21, 1931
Running time
75 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Honor Among Lovers is a 1931 American Pre-Code drama film made by Paramount Pictures, directed by Dorothy Arzner. The film stars Claudette Colbert, Fredric March, Monroe Owsley, Charles Ruggles and Ginger Rogers.


Wall Street trader Jerry Stafford (Fredric March) is a lucky man to have a very efficient and whitty secretary: Julia Traynor (Claudette Colbert), who manages nearly all spheres of her Boss' life. Her fiancé Philip Craig (Monroe Owsley) works too in the Wall Street broker milieu. Friend Monty Dunn (Charlie Ruggles) hangs around in the different locations with a girl, Doris Brown (Ginger Rogers), defining her a little dumb, like the office of Stafford, the Wall Street location. When Stafford tries to kiss Traynor during their lunch in the office, he realizes that he feels more than simple fun-relationship. But Julia wants a husband ,young and full of hope. So Stafford leaves charging her to call Miss Maybelle Worthington (Avonne Taylor) to let her know he will pick her up in half an hour, and that she please dress nicely. The same woman, for which Stafford asked Traynor to choose a bracelet, short before lunch. He leaves and the frost between boss and secretary is huge. Monty Dunn appears with Doris Brown at the restaurant, where Traynor and Craig are meeting after the flop of Stafford. After a while Stafford arrives with Miss Worthington, and they realizes that some of them knew each other. Julia and Philip decide to marry monday. Jerry's persistent demands at the back of her mind.Arriving at the office late she has to tell Stafford that she has married, so his proposal remains untaken. Stafford fires her, he could't work with her knowing she is married to another man, while he wants her so much. After a year, the first anniversary of the wedding Julia invites also Stafford. But he who had forgotten how lovely she its, falls again for her kissing her in the garden. Meantime Monty has told Philip that their investment in silk has lost. Philip tries to make a public scene, but Julia prevents it. Julia flies to Washington by train. Philip searches for her at Stafford's place. When he doesn't find her he thinks Stafford lies, and shoots him. Stafford somehow covers him. Julia is picked by the police in the train and brought back to New York. At Police Headquarters when Julia and Philip are left alone, Philip confesses all to Julia, who is terrified. For the Police' recording devices it's enough prove.material. Philip is arrested. But Stafford tries to do everything in his power during the trial not to incriminate him. Finally Craig is free. But Julia has decided to leave Philip. When he comes home she has already packed her things. And then Stafford rings the bell, and while Philip thinks all was organized from him, they tell him, that they didn't see each other since the night when all happened. But they leave together, while Stafford talks about the south of France, where they wanted to go...


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