Honor Guard Battalion (Croatia)

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Honor Guard Battalion
(Počasno-zaštitna bojna)
Active 2000–present
Country Croatia
Type Honor Guard
Size ~300
Garrison/HQ Zagreb
Patron St. Bartholomew
Anniversaries September 1
Brigadier Slobodan Kratohvil
Flag Zastava Pocasno zastitne bojne 28052011 2.jpg

Honor Guard Battalion (Croatian: Počasno-zaštitna bojna) is a military unit of Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia that performs protocol tasks for the needs of top-level state and military officials, as well as tasks related to the protection and security of the Commander-in-Chief (President of the Republic of Croatia). It consists of up to 300 members, all being professionals. The unit is under direct command of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia.


  • Commander's Group
  • Honor Company
  • Protective Company
  • Security Company
  • Logistics Company
  • Naval Honorary Protective Company



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