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Honor Maude (born Honor Courtney King in Wem, Shropshire on 10 July 1905 – 15 April 2001 in Canberra) of Canberra, Australia was the world authority on Oceanic string figures,[1] having published Maude & Maude 1958, Maude & Wedgewood 1967, Firth & Maude 1970, Maude 1971, Maude 1978, Emory & Maude 1979, Maude 1984, and Beaglehole & Maude 1989.[2] One of these being "the absolute bible of string-figure literature" according to Mark Sherman.[3] She was the wife of Henry Evans Maude, who sparked her interest in string figures through lending her a copy of Kathleen Haddon's Cat's Cradles from Many Lands on their way to Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, where, on Ocean Island and later Beru, Maude saw string figures for the first time.[1] Maude was a charter member of the International String Figure Association in 1978.[4]


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