Honor the Earth

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Honor The Earth
Industry Indigenous Environmentalism
Founded 1993
Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota
Key people
Winona LaDuke
Amy Ray and Emily Saliers
Charon Asetoyer
Tom Goldtooth
Faith Gimmell
Heather Milton-Lightning
Products Lobbying, grant making, sustainable technology.
Website http://www.honorearth.org

Honor The Earth is a non-profit organization founded to raise awareness and financial support for Indigenous environmental justice.[1] The organization was founded by Indigo Girls Amy Ray and Emily Saliers after meeting Winona LaDuke, and after consultation with members of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Indigenous Women's Network and Seventh Generation Fund. In 2016, Winona LaDuke and other members of Honor the Earth are active in the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.[2]

Goals and priorities[edit]

The campaign priorities of Honor the Earth are:

Notable supporters[edit]

Musicians who have held benefit concerts for the organization include Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and David Crosby.[8]

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