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Honorary titles of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Почесні звання України) are meritorious awards of Ukraine. Most of them are state awards and practically all were transformed from the same titles of the Ukrainian SSR.


There are several degrees for honorary titles which are also designated for various carrier fields.

The top honorary title of Ukraine is the Hero of Ukraine that is accompanied by either Order of the Gold Star for military recognition and Order of the State for civilian recognition.

The more common honorary titles are People's or Merited with People's titles being considered higher. These titles are accompanied by a respective identification badge, gilded silver - for People's titles and silver - for Merited titles. Along with them there are some top sport titles that are also considered Merited, but are regulated differently.

Aside the above-mentioned titles there are number of other titles such as the Mother-Heroine which particularly is an equally respected along with honorary titles. The accompanied badge for the Mother-Heroine title is made of brass. Another honorary title is the President of Ukraine that stays with its holder for the rest of one's life. Honorary titles are also created in number of companies and organizations as well as city administrations among which are honorary presidents, honorary citizens and others.

Hero titles[edit]

People's titles[edit]

Merited titles[edit]

These titles have also been translated as "Honored" rather than "Merited".

Sports titles[edit]

Other titles[edit]

Discontinued titles[edit]

There are many titles that were discontinued among which are the Exemplary titles, Distinguished titles (Distinguished Corn Producer of Ukraine, Distinguished Agricultural Machine Operator of Ukraine and others).

  • Honorary Firefighter-Volunteer of Ukraine

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