Honoria Glossop

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Honoria Glossop
First appearance Scoring Off Jeeves (The Inimitable Jeeves)
Created by P. G. Wodehouse
Gender Female
Nationality English

Honoria Glossop is a particularly formidable young lady from the Jeeves stories by P. G. Wodehouse. She is very athletic, and physically attractive (to those who like athletic women), also intellectually inclined: she reads Nietzsche and writes books of her own. Honoria is the daughter of the renowned nerve specialist Sir Roderick Glossop and his wife Lady Glossop and Bertie Wooster once described her voice as "like a lion tamer making some authoritative announcement to one of the troupe".[1]

She is portrayed in the TV series Jeeves and Wooster by Liz Kettle.

She also made an appearance as a murder victim in the short story "Rumpole and the Christmas Break" by John Mortimer.


Honoria was on many occasions in the stories engaged to Bertie Wooster, something which he, when it came to mind, disliked very much, especially as she persisted in trying to 'Improve his mind' by forcing him to read philosophy books. However, he managed to shake her off by outraging her parents, thanks to the aid of his valet, Jeeves, whom she dislikes intensely. Since then, she held a torch for Bertie, and he does his best to keep as far away from her as possible.

In the short story "Jeeves and the Greasy Bird", Honoria Glossop becomes engaged to a young modern novelist called Blair Eggelston and it looks as if Bertie is finally safe from her.

Her braying laugh is a noteworthy feature mentioned in several books, usually in elaborate similes such as "a laugh that sounded like a squadron of cavalry charging across a tin bridge" and "a laugh like waves breaking on a stern and rockbound coast."



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