Honoured Pilot of the USSR

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Honorary title
Honoured Pilot of the USSR
Distinguished Pilot Of The Soviet Union.jpg
Obverse of the insignia for Honoured Pilot of the USSR
Awarded by  USSR
Type Honorary title
Eligibility Citizens of the Soviet Union
Awarded for Excellence in Aviation
Status No longer awarded
Established September 30, 1965[1]
First awarded August 16, 1966
Related Honoured Navigator of the USSR

The Honorary Title "Honoured Pilot of the USSR" (Russian: Заслуженный пилот СССР) was a state civilian award of the Soviet Union established on September 30, 1965 by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR № 3993-VI[1] to recognise excellence in civilian aviation. It was abolished on August 22, 1988 by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet № 9441-XI.[2]

Award Statute[edit]

The honorary title "Honoured Pilot of the USSR" was awarded to qualified civilian pilots 1st class for special merit in the development of modern aircraft, in the use of the most advanced piloting techniques, for the highest standards in education and training of flight personnel, for long-term trouble-free flying and for outstanding achievements in the use of aviation in the national economy.[1]

The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was the main conferring authority of the award based on recommendations of the Minister for Civil Aviation of the USSR.[1]

The insignia "Honoured Pilot of the USSR" was worn on the right side of the chest and in the presence of other orders, placed over them. If worn with honorary titles of the Russian Federation, the latter have precedence.[3]

Award Description[edit]

The honorary title "Honoured Pilot of the USSR" was a 27mm wide by 23mm high silver and nickel polygon with raised edges. At the top of the obverse, the relief inscription in two lines covered to the left "HONOURED PILOT" (Russian: ЗАСЛУЖЕННЫЙ ПИЛОТ), in the center, the gilt tombac image of a jet transport aircraft climbing diagonally towards the right, at the bottom, the relief inscription "USSR" (Russian: СССР) superimposed over a laurel branch.[1]

The insignia was secured to a standard Soviet square mount by a silver-plated ring through the suspension loop. The mount was covered by a silk moiré blue ribbon. It was secured to clothing with a pin attachment or with a threaded screw and nut.[1]

Recipients (partial list)[edit]

The individuals below were all recipients of the honorary title of "Honoured Pilot of the USSR".

  • Abdraimov I.
  • Aliev, N.M.
  • Anopov B.A.
  • Antokhin F.V.
  • Bannyi M.A.
  • Barilov, D.I.
  • Blokhin, I.P.
  • Borisov, N.V.
  • Briouzguine V.V.
  • Zholudev L.V.
  • Kaloshin A.S.
  • Kartamyshev P.V.
  • Kovtiukh N.G.
  • Kornev, M.M.
  • Kokhanovski, S.N.
  • Kupalo V.M.
  • LeÏbenko A.M.
  • Mikhaïlov, P.M.
  • Michenko, I.I.
  • Moskalenko, P.P.
  • Osipov B.S.
  • Paramonov, G.M.
  • Porfirov, N.G.
  • Semenkov A.I.
  • Tarasov, I.M.
  • Frolov, I.I.
  • Tskhovrebov H.N.
  • Shiryaev, L.A.

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