Honpo Jin'ya

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Honpo Jin'ya (本保陣屋, Honpo Jin'ya) was a fort located in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Today, a memorial can be seen on the site of the encampment.


In 1721, during the Edo period, the shogunate constructed a jin'ya in what was then Honpo-machi, Nyū District, Fukui, Fukui Domain as their new center of authority in the region. Previously, shogunate outposts had been in watern Sabae, Fukui and Katsuyama, Fukui.

In 1870, during the Meiji era, when the shogunate was abolished, Honpo Jin'ya became the city hall of the newly formed Honpo Prefecture. Honpo Prefecture existed for just under one year, after which it was absorbed in Fukui Prefecture. Two years later, the fort was dismantled and sold as farmland. The remains of many of the structures can still be seen today.


Coordinates: 35°55′26″N 136°09′25″E / 35.923850°N 136.157067°E / 35.923850; 136.157067