Honywood Community Science School

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Honywood Community Science School
Type Academy
Headteacher Mr Simon Mason
Location Westfield Drive
Local authority Essex
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–16
Publication Honywood Gazette (Weekly)
Website honywoodschool.com

Honywood Community Science School is a secondary school in Coggeshall, Essex.[1] It is in the village of Coggeshall in the Braintree district area. It was first established as a primary school and in 1964 became Honywood School catering for 11-16 year olds. The average on roll is around 1045 learners. The school's pedagogy is focused on the needs of the individual, tailoring the curriculum and introducing Independence and choice to youngsters. This, paired with a strong focus on the development of learning attributes in Year 7 and 8 encourages young people to develop into life long learners.

Tablet computers[edit]

In May 2011 the school announced that each pupil was to be given their own Apple iPad 2 tablet to help with their studies, at the cost of £500,000.[2] The school became a case study for Apple.[3]


In 2006 the school was able to develop six new Science classrooms from the specialist schools funding stream. This was supported by local business who also contributed towards the development costs. In 2010, the school developed a relationship with the local Scout and Guide organisations and built a community building for shared use with these local youth organisations. The building is used by the school as an Expressive Arts facility, with a dance studio. The Scouts and Guides are able to utilise the building during evenings and weekends for their groups to meet.

In 2014 the school submitted a proposal to rebuild the school on land entrusted to the Marks Hall Charitable Trust. Marks Hall would develop 26 acres of land to the north of Coggeshall, building 300 houses and developing a small industrial estate. Money from this development would be used to fund the school rebuild. The proposal proved controversial as it appeared to contravene the will of Thomas Phillips Price who had "[left] the whole of his Essex estate to the nation in the interest of agriculture, arboriculture and forestry",[4] and "[t]here is little public evidence that the charity has considered fully other options to raise money", having made a small profit in 2013.[5] The most recent Ofsted report made no recommendation for a rebuild.[6] The application was rejected by Essex County Council "with concerns over its financial viability and the availability of primary school places needed for the new homes"[7]


Honywood is situated on Westfield Drive in Coggeshall. This is 6 miles from Braintree and 10 miles from Colchester. It is situated within the historical village of Coggeshall and has a strong working relationship with the local community. Many of the youngsters who attend the school are from the local villages surrounding Coggeshall, however, the school also admits young people from Braintree, Witham and Colchester areas where space is available.


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