Hoo Hey How

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Hoo Hey How
Hoo Hey How Thail 03.JPG
Hoo Hey How dice
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese鱼虾蟹
Literal meaningfish-shrimp-crab
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese[1]
Simplified Chinese鱼虾鲎
Literal meaningfish-shrimp-horseshoe crab
Vietnamese name
VietnameseBầu cua cá cọp
Hoo Hey How dice
A playing mat with coloured dice

Hoo Hey How (Chinese: 魚蝦蟹, "Fish-Prawn-Crab") is a Chinese dice-game. It is related to Bầu cua cá cọp in Vietnam, Klah Klok/kla klouk in Cambodia,[2] and similar to Crown and Anchor in the West Indies and the American game chuck-a-luck.[3][4]


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