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OriginSacramento, California, USA
GenresHeavy hardcore, metalcore
Years active1994–present
LabelsArtery Foundation

Hoods is a hardcore band from Sacramento, California. Formed in 1994 by Mike (Hood) Mraz who later added Logan Murray, Tony Goodloe and Billy Gaffney. Hoods shows influences such as Madball, Sick of It All, Minor Threat and Cro-Mags. They released their first EP entitled Once Again in 1996 and concentrated on live performances. After numerous fights between fans and an altercation between a couple of the band members and a police officer, the band was more or less forced out of the Sacramento area. The band concentrated efforts on the San Francisco Bay Area playing shows with groups such as Powerhouse, Redemption 87 and Skin Lab. In 1997 after a disagreement with bandmates and his mother's illness Gaffney left and was replaced by Jeremy. Murray and Goldoe then left and were replaced by Ben and Mario. Mike was the only original member left. The Hoods were dropped from Victory Records. They signed with Eulogy Recordings in 2005 and released The King Is Dead. The group released a new album, Ghetto Blaster, on April 24, 2007. The newest release Pit Beast dropped in late May 2009 after the band signed with I Scream Records. In 2014 the band signed with Artery Recordings and released "Gato Negro".

Band members[edit]


  • Mike Hood - Vocals[1]
  • Jon (the jew) Korn - Guitar [2]
  • Marty Cole - Guitar
  • Elijah Martinez - Drums
  • Twig - Bass


  • Craig Spinelli - Drums
  • Rob McCarthy - Drums
  • Evan Krejci - Guitar
  • T-Gibbs - Vocals
  • Stephen Lauck - Guitar
  • Ben Garcia - Vocals
  • Jeremy Roberts - Drums
  • Mario - Bass
  • Navene Koperweis - Drums
  • Whiteboy Ben - Drums
  • Nick Reinhart - Guitar
  • Nate raider - Bass
  • Nick Lang "Lurch" - Guitar
  • Zack Peterson - Guitar
  • Mike Spaulding - Vocals

Original Members[edit]

  • Mike Hood - Guitar, vocals
  • Tony Goodloe - Vocals
  • Logan Murray - Bass
  • Billy Gaffney - Drums


Year Album Label
1996 Once Again 1996 EP Back Ta Basics
1997 New Blood Gain Ground
1998 Alone Breakout Records
1999 Endless Pain Stillborn Records
2001 Time...The Destroyer Victory Records
2003 Pray For Death Victory Records
2004 Seven Years In Sacramento self released
2004 Live - The Legend Continues 720 Records
2005 Hoods/Freya Split Victory Records
2005 The King Is Dead Eulogy Recordings
2007 Ghetto Blaster Eulogy Recordings
May 2009 Pit Beast I Scream Records
Nov 2014 Gato Negro Artery Recordings


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