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Neighbourhood of Amsterdam
Map NL - Amsterdam - Hoofddorppleinbuurt.png
Country Netherlands
Province North Holland
COROP Amsterdam
Borough Zuid
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Map NL - Amsterdam - Hoofddorppleinbuurt.png

Hoofddorppleinbuurt is a neighborhood of Amsterdam, Netherlands, part of the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid. The district had 10,771 inhabitants as of January 1, 2005.[1] The total area is 96.71 hectares.

Hoofddorppleinbuurt was built in the twenties. Since 1927 the neighborhood through the Zeilbrug has been connected to Amstelveenseweg. It is a mostly a residential neighborhood, but there are few companies and other institutions.


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Coordinates: 52°21′04″N 4°50′59″E / 52.35111°N 4.84972°E / 52.35111; 4.84972