Hook 'Em Snotty!

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Hook 'Em Snotty!
Paulsen - Hook 'Em Snotty! Coverart.jpg
Author Gary Paulsen
Country United States
Language English
Series World of Adventure
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher Random House
Publication date
May 1, 1995
Media type Print (Paperback)
ISBN 0-440-41027-4
OCLC 32553086
Preceded by The Rock Jockeys
Followed by Danger on Midnight River

Hook 'Em Snotty! is the fifth novel in World of Adventure series by Gary Paulsen. It was published on May 1, 1995 by Random House.


The story is about Bobbie Walker whose cousin Alex has come from the city to visit their grandpa's ranch, but they take an immediate dislike to one another. When the cousins cross paths with the wild bull Diablo and the nasty Bledsoe boys, they must find a way to get along or it could be the end of them both.


It was later turned into a three part omnibus along with Danger on Midnight River and Escape from Fire Mountain by Random House on February 14, 2006.