Hooked on a Feeling

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For the album of the same name by Blue Swede, see Hooked on a Feeling (album).
"Hooked on a Feeling"
Single by B. J. Thomas
from the album On My Way
Released October 1968
Genre Pop
Length 2:48
Label Scepter Records
Writer(s) Mark James
Certification Gold (RIAA)
"Hooked on a Feeling"
Single by Blue Swede
from the album Hooked on a Feeling
B-side "Gotta Have Your Love"
Released 1974
Format 7"
Recorded 1973
Genre Pop
Length 2:48
Label EMI Svenska
Writer(s) Mark James
Certification Gold (RIAA)
Blue Swede singles chronology
"Hooked on a Feeling"
"Silly Milly"

"Hooked on a Feeling" is a 1968 pop song written by Mark James and originally performed by B. J. Thomas. Thomas's version featured the sound of the electric sitar, and reached number five in 1969 on the Billboard Hot 100.[1] It has been recorded by many other artists, including Blue Swede, whose version reached number one in the United States in 1974.[2] Billboard ranked the Blue Swede version as the No. 20 song for 1974.[3]


B. J. Thomas released his recording of "Hooked on a Feeling" in 1968. In 1971, English musician Jonathan King recorded a cover of the song, adding ooga chaka jungle chants. King described it as "a reggae rhythm by male voices". His version reached number 23 on the UK Singles Chart in November 1971.[4]

In 1974, the Swedish pop group Blue Swede, with Björn Skifs as lead singer, did a cover, which included their own version of King's "ooga chaka" introduction. Their version reached number one in the United States.[2] The Blue Swede version of the song also tweaked the lyrics to avoid a drug reference.[5]

Original Lyrics Blue Swede Lyrics
"I got it bad for you, girl,
but I don't need a cure.
I'll just stay addicted
and hope I can endure
all the good love…"
"Got a bug from you, girl,
but I don't need no cure.
I just stay a victim,
if I can for sure
All the good love…"

In 1978, a cover by Canadian country music artist Carroll Baker peaked at number 1 on the RPM Country Tracks chart.[6] David Hasselhoff covered the song on his album Hooked on a Feeling in 1997.[7] The band The Offspring sample the Blue Swede's "ooga chaka" refrain in their song "Special Delivery", from the album, Conspiracy of One (2000).[8]

It has been revived from time to time as a cultural touchstone of the 1970s, such as on the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack in 1992,[9] and as the "dancing baby" song in the Ally McBeal TV show.[10]

In 2013, B. J. Thomas included "Hooked on a Feeling" in duet with Sara Niemietz, on The Living Room Sessions. The album includes new interpretations of many of Thomas' greatest hits, with production and instrumental arrangements by Kyle Lehning, and was released on the Wrinkled Records label.[11][12]

The 2014 feature film Guardians of the Galaxy,[13] which featured the brass fanfare and title lyrics of the Blue Swede cover version prominently in its trailers and theatrical release, resulted in a significant spike in sales for the recording;[14] the film's soundtrack reached the top of the Billboard 200 chart in August 2014.[15]

In 2015, the Toronto Blue Jays used the Blue Swede rendition in a commercial featuring newly acquired David Price and Troy Tulowitzki.[16] The song is played at Rogers Centre before the bottom of the 8th inning, similar to the usage of "Sweet Caroline" at games in Boston.


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Billboard Hot 100 number-one single (Blue Swede version)
April 6, 1974 (one week)
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