Hooktooth shark

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Hooktooth shark
Temporal range: 23–0 Ma
Early Miocene to Present[1]
Chaenogaleus macrostoma Day - cropped.png
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes
Subclass: Elasmobranchii
Superorder: Selachimorpha
Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Hemigaleidae
Genus: Chaenogaleus
T. N. Gill, 1862
Species: C. macrostoma
Binomial name
Chaenogaleus macrostoma
(Bleeker, 1852)
Chaenogaleus macrostoma distmap.png

The hooktooth shark, Chaenogaleus macrostoma, is a weasel shark of the family Hemigaleidae, the only member of the genus Chaenogaleus. It is found in the tropical Indo-West Pacific oceans between latitudes 30° N and 10° S, including the Persian Gulf, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, China, Taiwan, and Java and Sulawesi in Indonesia, from the surface to a depth of 59 meters. It can reach a length of 1 meter.

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