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Hooman Khalatbari
Hooman Khalatbari.jpg
Background information
Born16 April 1969[1][2]
Tehran, Iran
Occupation(s)Music director, choir and orchestra conductor, pianist

Hooman Khalatbari (Persian: هومن خلعتبری‎) is an Iranian-Austrian pianist and music conductor.[3]

He started playing piano from age 6 and earned his B.Mus. from Tehran University of Arts in 1996. Between 1988 and 1996, he was the principal pianist of Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Bahman Cultural Centre and assistant conductor of Tehran Symphony Choir and Tehran Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.

Khalatbari moved to Austria in 1996 and entered Kunstuniversität Graz to study choral/orchestral conducting and graduate with honors in 2006.[3][4]


Principal Conductor and Honorary Conductor[edit]

Hooman Khalatbari was the principal conductor of "Prague Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra" in Prague-Czech for 2 years (2014–16) and since 2016 he is the Honorary Conductor of “ Virtuosi Brunenses “. [5][6]

Exterior of Kirchstetten Castle - Hooman Khalatbari is the founder, music director and conductor of the Kirchstetten Castle International Music Festival in northern Austria.

Founder, Music Director and Conductor[edit]

From 2001, Khalatbari is one of the founders, music director and conductor of Kirchstetten Castle International Music Festival in northern Austria.[7][8]

Exterior of Graz Opera House - Hooman khalatbari holds different positions in Graz Opera since 1999.

He has conducted the following operas:


The world premiere of Hamid Motebassem's Simorq project; conducted by Hooman Khalatbari

Since 1999, Hooman Khalatbari has performed as a Conductor, Soloist, Chamber musician, Accompanist and coordinator in several Europa’s Cities, the USA, Canada, and Asia. His most recent performances were given as guest Conductor in Austria/ Vienna & Graz & Salzburg & Linz & Kirchstetten - Hungarian/ Budapest & Szombathely - Czech Republic/ Prague, Brno & Olomouc - Slovenian/ Maribor – France/ Paris – UK/ London - Canada/ Vancouver & Calgary and USA/ Houston, San jose, Chicago and at last in Zurich and Göteborg. [15]

Conducting Iranian Orchestral Music[edit]

Khalatbari's conducting repertoire spans a wide spectrum of musical traditions, ranging from classical opera and symphonic, to atonal and contemporary music. Conducting the Simorq musical project, the world premiere of Hamid Motebassem with Homayoun Shajarian's vocal, is one of the brightest points in this range.[4][16][17]

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