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Hoopla, stylized as hoopla, is a North American on-demand Internet streaming media service of the Holland, Ohio-based company Midwest Tape.[1][2]


Subscriptions through public libraries enable patrons to borrow audiobooks, movies, music, and television shows online.[3] The service is free to the user; only the library pays a fee. A hoopla app is available to download on Android and iOS devices.[4]

In May 2015, hoopla digital announced the addition of ebooks and comics to its platform, from such publishers as Chicago Review Press, Dundurn Press, IDW Publishing, Rosetta Books, and Tyndale House, which will join hoopla’s catalog of more than 300,000 streaming audiobooks, movies, music albums, and television shows. As of that time, Hoopla is in negotiations with several other publishers and will be announcing additional ebook and comic content in the coming weeks. Library Journal reports: "Regardless of format, all content is discoverable and viewable through the hoopla app for Android, Apple iOS, and Kindle Fire tablets and mobile devices."[5]

“It’s one app doing everything,” Jankowski told LJ. “In the retail world, it takes five apps. You’ve got an app that’s a comic book reader, one that’s an ereader, one that’s a music player, one that’s a movie player, and one that’s an audiobook player. What we’re trying to do is give libraries a real competitive advantage” by offering patrons a single app to access multiple digital formats. To enhance the reading experience of the new comics content, the app includes a new 'Action View' feature that enables readers to view and navigate comics page-by-page or panel-by-panel."

Parent company[edit]

Hoopla's parent company, Midwest Tape LLC, is a library vendor of audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, and other media co-founded by Jeff Jankowski.[6] Midwest Tape began business in 1989; its president as of 2012 is John Eldred.[7][8]


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