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Hooray for Reading was a series of nine shorts created by Field Communications and Pepperwood Productions, in 1979. They were a minute long and featured a child discussing something they enjoyed and then discuss book they read. The child would reveal the title of the book, after which there would be a short dramatization based on the book. The dramatization ended with a cliffhanger, and the child would tell the viewer that if they wanted to know what happened, to check it out "at your local library, along with a lot of other very good books."


  1. The Glad Man by Gloria Gonzalez
  2. The Year of the Whale by Victor B. Scheffer
  3. A Billion for Boris by Mary Rodgers
  4. Then Again, Maybe I Won't by Judy Blume
  5. The Accident by Carol Carrick
  6. The TV Kid by Betsy Byars
  7. Is There Life on a Plastic Planet? by Mildred Ames
  8. Morris Brookside, a dog by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
  9. The Bad Times of Irma Baumlein by Carol Ryrie Brink