Hoorn Kersenboogerd railway station

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Station Hoorn Kersenboogerd
Station Hoorn Kersenboogerd.jpg
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 52°39′12″N 5°5′6″E / 52.65333°N 5.08500°E / 52.65333; 5.08500Coordinates: 52°39′12″N 5°5′6″E / 52.65333°N 5.08500°E / 52.65333; 5.08500
Line(s) Zaandam–Enkhuizen railway
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
toward Enkhuizen
NS Intercity 4500
NS Intercity 14500
NS Sprinter 3300 Terminus
Station Hoorn Kersenboogerd is located in the Netherlands
Station Hoorn Kersenboogerd
Station Hoorn Kersenboogerd
Location within the Netherlands

Hoorn Kersenboogerd is a suburban railway station, in the Kersenboogerd district in Hoorn, Netherlands. The station opened on 6 June 1986, and is on the Zaandam–Enkhuizen railway. About 1 km east of the station is a siding where the "stoptrein" (all-station service) to and from to Hoofddorp can be turned around. From this point the line to Enkhuizen becomes single track. The station is located in the east of Hoorn, and was originally referred to in the plans as Hoorn Oost.

Train services[edit]

The following services currently call at Hoorn Kersenboogerd:

  • 2x per hour intercity service Enkhuizen - Hoorn - Amsterdam - Hilversum - Amersfoort (- Deventer)
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Hoofddorp - Zaandam - Hoorn Kersenboogerd

Bus services[edit]

Line Route
13 Hoorn NS - Hoorn South - Kersenboogerd South - Station Kersenboogerd - Blokker - Zwaag - Dijkgraaf (Bangert en Oosterpolder)
14 Kersenboogerd East - Hoorn North - Kersenboogerd Central - Station Kersenboogerd - Kersenboogerd South - Hoorn NS