Hoosier Hurricane

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Hoosier Hurricane
A train full of riders on Hoosier Hurricane.
Indiana Beach
Coordinates 40°47′25″N 86°46′14″W / 40.79028°N 86.77056°W / 40.79028; -86.77056Coordinates: 40°47′25″N 86°46′14″W / 40.79028°N 86.77056°W / 40.79028; -86.77056
Status Operating
Opening date May 27, 1994
General statistics
Type Wood
Manufacturer Custom Coasters International
Designer Dennis McNulty Larry Bill
Lift/launch system Chain
Height 77 ft (23 m)
Drop 98 ft (30 m)
Length 2,891 ft (881 m)
Speed 51 mph (82 km/h)
Inversions 0
Height restriction 44 in (112 cm)
Hoosier Hurricane at RCDB
Pictures of Hoosier Hurricane at RCDB

Hoosier Hurricane is a wooden roller coaster at Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana. The ride was designed by Dennis McNulty and Larry Bill of Custom Coasters International. It opened on May 27, 1994, as the park's largest wooden roller coaster and the first wooden roller coaster built in Indiana in fifty years. The ride was Custom Coasters International's third roller coaster designed and the first modern wooden coaster built with a steel support structure, which would eventually become a trend on many wooden coasters designed by them.

Hoosier Hurricane, like other coasters in the park, was 'shoehorned' into the park. The ride hugs the shores of Lake Shafer, parallels most of the boardwalk, and suddenly turns near the Giant Gondola Wheel. Hurricane's structure is shared with nearby Cornball Express for a small portion of the ride (the S-turn before the drop).

The lift hill view from the bridge