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Developer(s) Groupe Bull
Operating system GCOS VMS
Type Java Message Service Message Oriented Middleware Enterprise Messaging System
Website bull.com

HooX (Host object oriented conneXion) is a software product line allowing communication between mainframes and applications running on the Java EE or .NET frameworks.[1] The product was announced in 2001[2] and its general shipping availability in 2002.[3] The mainframes must run the GCOS 7, GCOS 8 or MVS operating systems. It is based on the GCOS TCP/IP Enterprise Access library.[3]

HooX J2EE Connector implements the Java EE Connector Architecture[3] to allow mainframes to communicate with Java applications running on any Java EE-compliant application server running on AIX or Windows.[3]

HooX JMS does the same thing in an asynchronous way through the Java Message Service.[4] Internally, communication with the Java EE server is achieved through the server's JMS feature and a JMS agent on the GCOS side.[3]

HooX COM+ allows mainframes to communicate with .NET applications.

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