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Background information
Years active 2010–present
Associated acts Café Tacvba
Members Rubén Albarrán
Juan Pablo Villanueva
Rodrigo "Chino" Aros
Carlos Basilio
Camilo Nu
Alejandro Flores

HopPo! is the name of Café Tacvba frontman Rubén Albarrán's side project. Albarrán formed this band while Café Tacvba was on break during 2010.

During the fall of 2010, HopPo! briefly toured throughout South and North America; including some west coast dates in the U.S.[1] Paul Livingstone, sitar musician, was on tour for 6 dates with HopPo! from October 30 to November 8.[2]


HopPo!, self-titled debut album (2010)[edit]

Their self-titled, debut, album consists of Latin American folk cover songs, and no original material. This particular type of folk music, also known as Nueva Canción, was originally written in the 1960s and 1970s during a social movement of protest and anti-establishment sentiment by South American singer-songwriters and social activists. The album contains three songs written by Violeta Parra, including "Gracias a la Vida".[3]

The album has not been commercially released, and was only available as a promotional CD in 2010. However, the songs can be streamed through HopPo's official MySpace page.

Origin of band name[edit]

In the Dakota language, "Hoppo" means "Lets Go!"[4]

Per the band's official MySpace page, HopPo! does not use a conventional title case, but instead capitalizes the second "P" and uses an exclamation point following the band name. However, their artwork usually displays the logo of the band's name in uppercase "HOPPO!"


It is uncertain whether HopPo! will continue to record further albums, or if this was a single album project.

Studio albums[edit]

HopPo! (2010)


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