Hop House 13

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Hop House 13
ManufacturerThe Brewers Project
Country of originIreland
Alcohol by volume5.0%
Proof (US)10
ColourGolden amber
FlavourApricot and peach

Hop House 13 is an Irish lager, produced by Diageo (owners of Guinness).[1]


Hop House 13 is brewed by the Brewers Project, who also manufacture Guinness Dublin Porter, Guinness West Indies Porter and Guinness Golden Ale.[2] The beer is named after a hop store building at St James Gate that existed in the early 20th century.[3] It was influenced by the craft beer industry which had become successful.[2]


Hop House 13 is a double-hopped lager brewed with barley, Guinness yeast, Australian Galaxy and Topaz hops, and American Mosaic hops.[1][4]

It is described as having a fruity aroma including tastes of apricot and peach, having a full-flavoured taste that is crisp and hoppy without being bitter. It has a golden amber colour with an ivory white head.[5][1] It is 5% alcohol by volume (10 degrees proof).[5]


Hop House 13 was first produced in Ireland in 2015.[1] It was launched with an interactive experience show which included a tour of the brewery and tasting workshops. It was a success, and the beer was ordered by numerous publicans immediately after launch.[6] Hop House 13 was subsequently exported to the UK,[1] and then worldwide.[7][8] A year after being announced, it was available in 1,000 pubs and other licensed premises in the UK, as well as off-trade bottles being shipped in supermarkets.[9] The beer was heavily promoted with a multi-million pound advertising campaign in 2016, including adverts on YouTube and other social media websites.[2][10]

Partly as a result of strong sales of Hop House 13, sales of Guinness products in Europe increased by 2%.[11][12] In 2019, Diageo announced the beer would be sold in South Korea.[4]


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