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The Hop River's marshy source is just southeast of Bolton Notch, Connecticut. It flows for about 15.0 miles (24.1 km) to its confluence with the Willimantic River.[1] There is a popular paddling route beginning where the Skungamaug River enters the Hop River just north of the Hendee Road bridge and ending at the Willimantic River. Most of this route consists of quickwater, but a few Class I and Class II whitewater areas exist.

The Hop River does not refer to the common hop Humulus lupulus used in brewing. Hop is pronounced like and generally spelled Hope. A 'Hope' is a small enclosed valley, esp. a smaller opening branching out from the main dale and running up to the mountain ranges; the upland part of a mountain valley. The river flowing down the Hope is called Hope River, but in the present case the river is spelled Hop River.[citation needed]

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