Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival

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Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival
Hope & Anchor.jpg
Live album by Various
Released March 1978
Genre Power pop, pub rock, punk rock, new wave
Label Warner Bros (Cat. No. K66077)

Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival is a hit double-LP of live recordings taken from various bands – mainly power pop, pub rock, punk rock and new wave groups - that played the Front Row Festival at the Hope and Anchor, Islington between Tuesday 22 November and Thursday 15 December 1977.[1] It reached number 28 in the UK Albums Chart.[2]

The Hope & Anchor has been described as a "seminal live venue" in 1977, catering for "both emerging punk / new wave bands and the numerous pub rock acts operating on the live circuit at the time".[3] The same author called the album as "eclectic" with "superb performances from artists like The Stranglers, The Only Ones, X-Ray Spex, The Saints and The Suburban Studs alongside staple pub rock acts".[3]

Original Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Dr. Feelgood" by The Wilko Johnson Band
  2. "Straighten Out" by The Stranglers
  3. "Styrofoam" by The Tyla Gang
  4. "Don't Munchen It" by The Pirates
  5. "Speed Kills" by The Steve Gibbons Band
  6. "I'm Bugged" by XTC
  7. "I Hate School" by The Suburban Studs

Side two[edit]

  1. "Billy" by The Pleasers
  2. "Science Friction" by XTC
  3. "Eastbound Train" by Dire Straits
  4. "Bizz Fizz" by Burlesque
  5. "Let's Submerge" by X-Ray Spex
  6. "Crazy" by 999

Side three[edit]

  1. "Demolition Girl by The Saints
  2. "Quite Disappointing" by 999
  3. "Creature Of Doom" by The Only Ones
  4. "Gibson Martin Fender" by The Pirates
  5. "Sound Check" by Steel Pulse
  6. "Zero Hero" by Roogalator

Side four[edit]

  1. "Underground Romance" by Philip Rambow
  2. "Rock & Roll Radio" by The Pleasers
  3. "On The Street" by The Tyla Gang
  4. "Johnny Cool" by The Steve Gibbons Band
  5. "Twenty Yards Behind" by The Wilko Johnson Band
  6. "Hanging Around" by The Stranglers


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