Hope (cigarette)

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Hope cigarette 02.JPG
A Japanese pack of Hope cigarettes, with a text warning displayed
Product type Cigarette
Owner Japan Tobacco (Japan)
PMFTC Inc. (Philippines)
Introduced 1957; 60 years ago (1957)

Hope is a cigarette brand owned by Japan Tobacco. In the Philippines, the Hope brand is owned by PMFTC, Inc. and is unrelated to the Hope brand owned by Japan Tobacco.

Hope (Japan)[edit]

A juxtaposition of Hope and Peace cigarettes

Hope is the first filtered cigarette in Japan. It was introduced in 1957.[1] It is the counterpart to Peace cigarettes.[2][3]


  • Hope / Hope (10) Filter Cigarettes
  • Hope Lights
  • Hope Super Lights
  • Hope Menthol
  • Hope Coklat
  • Hope Premium
  • Hope Ijo
  • Hope Istimewa
  • Hope Gold

Hope (Philippines)[edit]

Hope cigarette pack as marketed in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Hope is a brand owned by Fortune Tobacco Corporation and is currently manufactured and distributed by PMFTC, Inc. Although the Hope brand typeface may be the similar to the Japan Tobacco version, the Philippine version is unrelated. It sold only as a mentholated cigarette in 100-mm and 85-mm sticks. It is labelled with the word "Luxury" beneath the Hope brand name.

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