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This article is about Hope cigarettes of Japan. For Hope Luxury Cigarettes of the Philippines, see PMFTC, Inc..
A juxtaposition of Hope and Peace cigarettes

Hope is a cigarette brand produced and sold worldwide by various manufacturers. It is manufactured in the Philippines by Fortune Tobacco Corporation (now PMFTC), and in Japan by Japan Tobacco. Please note that although the logo design may be the same, the Philippine Hope cigarettes are long and menthol and come in a pack of 20, and Japanese Hope cigarettes are very short, non-menthol, and come in packs of 10. The pack of cigarettes in the above photo are from Japan. A pack of Peace cigarettes (filterless minis also made by Japan Tobacco) are also shown.


They come in short (70 mm), king size (85 mm), or long (100 mm). They come within a soft or hard pack, 10 or 20 cigarettes per pack. They are seen as a counterpart to Peace cigarettes.[1][2]


  • Hope Filter Cigarettes
  • Hope Lights
  • Hope Super Lights
  • Hope Menthol

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