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HopeStar SM.

Hope Motor Company was a Japanese car company bought by Suzuki in 1968. In December 1967, they released the HopeStar ON360, which in Japanese is called sanrin (三輪)" or "three wheels", with a Mitsubishi 360-cc two-stroke, straight-two ME24 engine producing 21 bhp. The ON360 had a four-wheel drive layout. While 100 engines were purchased from Mitsubishi, most sources state that only 15 ONs were finished, all in 1968.

HopeStar ON360[edit]

The HopeStar ON360 was originally developed in 1967 and was available from April 1968. It used a Mitsubishi 359 cc (21.9 cu in) air-cooled two-stroke ME24 engine, which produced 21 PS (15.4 kW). The rear axle was sourced from the Mitsubishi Colt 1000 and wheels were sourced from the Mitsubishi Jeep. It was a very basic two-seater vehicle with no doors, but a sturdy four-wheel drive system allowed it to go off-road. Top speed was 70 km/h (43 mph), 30 km/h in 4WD mode. The company sold very few ON360s, possibly as few as 15, although 100 ME24 engines were purchased.[1][2] Hope sold the design to Suzuki, as the Suzuki Jimny, in 1968, after Mitsubishi declined to take over production.


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