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Hope Rehab Center Thailand
Hope rehab logo.png
LocationSi Racha, Chonburi, Thailand
Hospital typeResidential Rehab for Addictions
ListsHospitals in Thailand

Hope Rehab Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in the mountains overlooking the coastal harbour of Si Racha. The centre is part of a growing trend in medical tourism [1]


The center was founded in 2013 by Simon Mott[2][3] and his ex-partner Alon Kumsawad both formerly worked at The Cabin Chiang Mai treatment center in Northern Thailand. Alon Kumsawad was the Meditation teacher, Fitness and Yoga trainer from 2010-2014. Simon Mott[4] was Head Councillor and Manager at "The Cabin", where he treated Pete Doherty, UK TV presenter Michael Barrymore.

The center provides both short and long-term inpatient care. Residential rehabilitation programs lasting from 30 days to 6 months are offered at the center, which holds 34 beds with a converted Douglas DC3 aircraft on its grounds. The ages of the patients at the center ranges from 18 to 60. Since opening in early 2013, Hope Rehab Center Thailand has treated the writer Cat Marnell[5] and musician Pete Doherty[6][7][8][9] Simon Mott is the twin brother of the British artist, designer and Punk historian, Toby Mott.

Treatment programmes[edit]

Hope Rehab[10] uses modern and holistic rehabilitation methods,[11] for both chemical (drugs and alcohol) and process addictions (shopping, sex and gambling). The center claims a non-religious approach combining Twelve-step program, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness and fitness activities tailored to each patient's needs. The program also involves Recovery coaching within the community they establish at Hope as a method of Relapse prevention.

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