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Genre children's animation
Created by Bert Smets
Country of origin Belgium
Original language(s) none
Original network Ketnet
Original release 2000
External links
Website www.hopla.tv

Hopla is a Flemish CGI-animated series for toddlers, created by Bert Smets in 1999, and produced by Bert Smets Productions.[1] The cartoon features the rabbit Hopla and his friends – the pig Onki, the bear Nina, and the kitten Lola.[2] Each episode is about five minutes. Similar to its spiritual predecessor Tik Tak, the show is aimed for children between 0–2 years old and has no dialogue (the only dialogue is the show's name).

The show was first aired on Ketnet, a Flemish television channel, in 2000, and became popular soon afterward. Currently, the show has been aired in 31 countries (such as the United States, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Israel and South Korea). It airs in the United States due to an exclusive multi-year distribution deal between Bert Smets Productions and NCircle Entertainment, a subsidiary of Alliance Entertainment, signed in 2007.

  • The show was animated with Strata 3D.[3]
  • The show was currently one of many programs aired on BabyFirstTV, a premium cable and satellite television channel.
  • In Portugal, the show aired on public channel RTP2. A very small dialogue was added to briefly describe each scene's contents.
  • In Belgium alone, Hopla's home entertainment titles have sold over 300,000 copies and their book-related merchandise has garnered sales close to 700,000.[citation needed]


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