Hopland Band of Pomo Indians of the Hopland Rancheria

Coordinates: 38°58′53″N 123°03′35″W / 38.98139°N 123.05972°W / 38.98139; -123.05972
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Hopland Band of Pomo Indians of the Hopland Rancheria
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 United States ( California)
English, Pomoan languages
Roundhouse religion, Christianity, Kuksu
Related ethnic groups
Pomo tribes

The Hopland Band of Pomo Indians of the Hopland Rancheria is a federally recognized tribe of Pomo people in Mendocino County, California, south of Ukiah.[2] The Hopland Band Pomos traditionally lived in the Sanel Valley.[3]


Location of the Hopland Rancheria

The Hopland Pomo's reservation is the Hopland Rancheria. Approximately 700 tribal members live in the area and 50 on the ranchería.[2] The Rancheria was established in 1907 and is 40 acres (160,000 m2) large.[4] It is located about three miles (5 km) east of Hopland, California.[5]


The Hopland Pomo ratified their constitution on August 20, 1981, which established a governing 7-person council.

The tribe conducts business from Hopland, California.[6]

Services and programs[edit]

The Hopland Band of Pomo Indians has a tribal education program, EPA office, health department, utility department, police department, court system, and economic development corporation.[7] The tribe owns and operates the Hopland Sho-Ka-Wah Casino, located east of Hopland.[3]


In 2016, the Hopland Band disenrolled 74 members of the tribe, ostensibly to remedy mistakes stemming from faulty processing of applications.[8]

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38°58′53″N 123°03′35″W / 38.98139°N 123.05972°W / 38.98139; -123.05972


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