Hopping Mappy

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Hopping Mappy
Hopping Mappy arcade flyer.jpg
Arcade flyer
Developer(s) Game Studio
Publisher(s) Namco
Platform(s) Arcade, Mobile Phone (i Appli/V Appli/BREW), Wii (Virtual Console)
Release Arcade
  • JP: March 1986
Mobile Phones
i Appli
  • JP: November 2, 2005
V Appli
  • JP: June 1, 2006
  • JP: December 21, 2006
Wii Virtual Console
  • JP: June 2, 2009
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Up to 2 players, alternating turns
Cabinet Upright, cabaret, and cocktail
Arcade system Namco System 86
CPU 2x Motorola M6809 @ 1.536 MHz,
1x Hitachi HD63701 @ 1.536 MHz
Sound 1x Yamaha YM2151 @ 3.57958 MHz,
1x Namco CUS30 @ 96 kHz
Display Horizontal orientation, Raster, 288 x 224 resolution

Hopping Mappy (ホッピングマッピー?, Hoppingu Mappī) is an arcade game which was released by Namco in 1986. It runs on Namco System 86 hardware, and, as the name suggests, it is the sequel to Mappy, which was released three years earlier. The game was ported to the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on June 2, 2009.


Screenshot of the game

In Hopping Mappy players control the Micro Police mouse, Mappy, as he bounces on a pogo stick to run circles around pink cats, called Meowkies, who patrol either vertically or horizontally. There is also Goro, a cat who patrols in a zigzag pattern, but he needs to take occasional breaks. There are eight treasures that a player must grab to complete a round, except on the bonus round where the player will just want to collect all the balloons that he can. The main intrigue here is getting past a blockade of Meowkies. The player controls are simple - he can bounce in any of the four directions, the only places he can land are the centres of the checkerboard squares (making for very few locations overall), and he will move at the same speed as the cats. If the player pushes the accelerator button and runs around, he will go twice as fast. When the cats have sped up (after a "Hurry Up" warning has appeared) they will match Mappy's accelerated speed.

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