Hoppner River

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Hoppner River
Country Canada
Physical characteristics
River mouth Dolphin and Union Strait/
Amundsen Gulf
Length >70 km (43 mi)

The Hoppner River flows northward from the mainland (in an area previously referred to as Wollaston Land) into Dolphin and Union Strait at the juncture with the Amundsen Gulf in Nunavut, Canada. Long-tailed duck (Harelda glacialis) frequent the area.[1]

The river is one of several landforms named in honour of Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer Henry Parkyns Hoppner who charted the region during William Edward Parry's First, Second, and Third Arctic Expeditions.[2]

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Coordinates: 68°58′37″N 117°43′50″W / 68.97694°N 117.73056°W / 68.97694; -117.73056 (Hoppner River mouth)